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1st Assault Fleet

The 1st Assault Fleet of the Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia has been standing since the first great space wars. Along the way to present day, the 1st AF has underwent dramatic changes in leadership, mission and command structure, but all previous variations of the 1st AF have been aimed towards the same goal: the future of Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia. Grand in size, immeasurable in strength and led by one of the oldest living ID-SOLs in existence, the 1st Assault Fleet has gained both respect and infamy throughout Nepleslia and her sister systems.

In YE 34, 1st Assault Fleet took part in Rok'Veru Offensive to retake the Rok'Veru system. Following the campaign, the fleet returned to Nepleslia for refit and modernization.


Command Staff

  • Commanding Officer: Barrett Valke
  • Executive Officer: Admiral Nuke Dukem
  • Commandant: Rear Admiral Orlando Menderez


  • Navy Personnel: 1,660,000 as of the beginning of YE 36
  • Marine Personnel: 1,500,000 marines as of the beginning of the YE 36, including infantry and fighter pilots.


  • 2,000 warships
  • 100 support ships


  • Headquarters: Starbase Hayes, Nepleslia
  • Primary Production: Nepleslian Arms and Munitions Shipyards:Nepleslia Prime
  • Secondary Production: Starbase Robert Davis

Fleet Organization

Flagship and Main Assault Group "Strong Arm"

Escort Fleet Group "Swift Arm"

  • Group Flagship: NSS Storm of Sera
  • 075 NSS Statement of Intent Cruiser Division
  • 075 NSS Storm of Sera Battlecruiser Division
  • 075 NSS Tiger Claw Escort Carrier Division
  • 050 NSS Ageless Ironclad Dreadnought Divsion

Assault Group "Left Jab"

Assault Group "Right Hook"

Reserves Group

Auxiliaries and Support

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