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Rok'Veru was the original planet of colonization that the settlers of Nepleslia encountered. Eventually the settlers would shift to Damasica and then Nepleslia, abandoning Rok'veru. Old records will show that Nepleslians came from Rok'veru but not their origin before that. Originally this world had been located on the outermost edges of the Black Claw Star Empire and was slated for future colonization. Signs of an old outpost were present but when the Empire fell into civil war the outposts had been abandoned.

At around the time the Nepleslian Colonial Expanse was discovered and colonization efforts began in earnest, Rok'Veru was re-settled. A distinguishing feature is that the headquarters of the Intelligence and Pacification Group was relocated here.

Both civilians and IPG staff were evacuated during the Second Mishhuvurthyar War.

In YE 35, the system was retaken by SMDION forces during Rok'Veru Offensive.


The original colony City of Gainestown had a dry, savannah climate, and a populace made up of rough and tumble folks. The city was by no means the metropolis of funky town or Roger Wilco. Its streets were lined with many different shops, corporate buildings and mining company headquarters. Its most notable features, however, were the large number of cybernetics shops clustered in one location. The Steel Row, as it was known, was not far from the civilian spaceport. There, the buildings began to look older in appearance the farther out from the center of the city one would travel.

Many of the buildings and streets bore the ancient scars of battle, with ruined buildings and long destroyed vehicles dotted about the city. Here and there, long empty fighting positions and trenches were being slowly reclaimed by the native flora; while mangled and rust-covered equipment lay where it was discarded. Everywhere stood a stark reminder of what it took to reclaim the city, and later the planet.

In contrast, the military drydock and repair station looms over the city, its modern architecture and updated technologies casting streets below into shadow. On its open sections, swarms of engineers, mechanics, and labourers are visible at all hours, working tirelessly to prepare to take in or launch another ship, as the situation demands. Inside, long tall corridors meant to comfortably fit any manner of personnel and materiel are traversed by seemingly endless pallets moving between supply stations, and by a myriad of men and officers hurrying about their business. Over it all could be heard dozens of officers and NCOโ€™s barking orders and orchestrating the flow through the hallways, accompanied by the hiss and grind of numerous bay doors lining the hallways opening and closing. With the return of an Escort Cruiser near at hand, the facility was in an even greater state of controlled chaos1).

OOC Notes

Rok'veru was inspired by Rockville, Maryland, one of the cities Wes lived in when he was young.

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