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Nepleslian Colonial Expanse

About the Colonial Expanse

In YE 30, the Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia began to expand their planetary assets farther into the unpopulated galactic northwest. While most of the mining and resourcing efforts are being done by the Nepleslian government, private corporations who have the means to participate are also heavily integrated in the expansion projects. Primarily, most of these new systems and planets will become new resourcing platforms to stimulate economy and put new work opportunity on the market for the ever-growing Nepleslian population. Colonization efforts are in the works, but at this current time not a primary goal. Planets suitable and stable for Nepleslian and other carbon-based life forms are few and far between, and when discovered are thoroughly surveyed before allowing colonist activities to perform there.

The primary basis of operations into the Colonial Expanse is the the planet Nepleslia Prime a part of the Prime system. Used as a hub of operations for most of the Colonial Expanse, Prime has grown to accommodate the increase in traffic between the Expanse and the Core systems. Most space faring vessels utilize the New Nepleslian Spacelane that runs from Pisces Station and cuts between Kxi'Ran and the Elysian Celestial Empire system.

Systems in the Colonial Expanse

Most of the newly claimed and discovered systems are still in a state of thorough surveying to assess their values. As such, many of them have not been given proper names.

System Designation Name of Star Primary Planet(s) Notable Aspects
Nepleslia Prime Core Prime Nepleslia Prime Headquarters for Nepleslian Expansion, rich in resources.
Majestic (P1-1) Prilisa Prilisa IV Forested world, high in oxygen
Kovax System (P1-2) Kovax Vandenberg Fairly harsh climates. Site of lost civilization. High population, primarily criminals & ex-military.
Hope (P1-3) Nova Hope Profusion of mine-able Ice
Porpoise Londinium Pryedein Abundance of excellent Seafood
System P1-5 "Area 52" Pasco Area 52 Barren Waste, staging area for terrestrial weapons testing
P1-6 "Freemud" Delfium New Bernese Planet of jagged mountains and foggy marshes.
System P1-7 "Malaise" Malaise Purgatory Planned site for numerous low-income metropolis.
System P1-8 “Avante” Avante Francia Icy world slowly terraforming to a Nepleslian populace.
System P1-9 "Fortuna" Fortuna Gold Harbor, Fortuna Rich in resources. Plagued by ion storms.
System P1-10 "Dejection" Dejection Abjection Very high security, IPG penal colony

Northwestern Expanse

In YE 34, the 4th Fleet sent 10 scouts ships to claim and explore the northwestern frontier and reach the Green Nebula. The operation, dubbed by the Sky Marshal as “Operation We Want the Nebula, It's Green!” was launched. This was a military operation due to the need to find a secure path to the Freespacer port of Null & Void. After months of travel, supplied only infrequently, the Nepleslian scout ships completed their mission. They returned in YE 36 with detailed surveys and information, allowing the Imperium to deploy units and set up new colonial efforts.

The Reinvigorated Rush

The Reinvigorated Rush - or the Expanse's R&R as it was coined - began in YE 40, featuring the foundation and addition of colonial incentives. This was done with the intent to promote migration to the now well-developed core of the Colonial Expanse and promote the growth of systems like Fortuna and Freemud. It also helped invigorate and push for colonization efforts to ramp up in the Northwestern Expanse.

The Rush itself focused on providing incentives to move to already-settled worlds; specifically to encourage workers and young companies to help stimulate various world economies and provide population booms. The success of this was largely thanks to the encouragement of promoting a better Nepleslian way of life through groups like the New Yellow Relief and Developmental Society encouraging the Nepleslian people to take pride in their pioneering spirit. It was coupled with the production and deployment of civilian-grade generic satellites and incentives for infrastructure build-up within the Expanse primarily by local companies and secondarily to closely tied corporations of Nepleslia such as AwesomeCorp.

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