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Hope (P1-3)

System P1-3 (Hope) is a star system in the Nepleslia Prime Expanse. The main star of the system is in a Blue Dwarf state and in its later stages, having used most of its hydrogen fuel and preparing to transition into a White Dwarf. This meant that the sole planet on the system was covered in ice as the star began to cool after experiencing several million years of habitable conditions.

It is currently unknown what sort of environment or life existed prior to the planet freezing, but studies have been conducted onto the now colonised icy planet as ice mining operations dig deeper and deeper, looking for solid rock and fossils beneath the ice. Scientists were able to figure out that the planet was originally home to liveable conditions, and large oceans full of wildlife, and experienced a mass extinction event when Hope's star went supernova - surviving the worst of it with assistance from the Burrows Asteroid Field.

However, the cover from the asteroids was not entirely positive, as an asteroid from the Burrows field collided with the planet and reformed the landscape, landing in the middle of its oceans and spreading water through the planet. Coupled with the rapidly cooling sun, the planet begun to freeze into a rocky iceball, killing off almost all of the plant life, and animal life. Theoretically, there may be running water close to the core of the planet where, theoretically, life could still thrive.

The men responsible for taking the first steps on P-13's single planet sourly likened the planet's state to something forgotten in the freezer. One of them wisecracked that there was Hope for this frozen ball to be fully Nepleslianised, and the name seemed to stick after their overseers realised that all of the fresh water here could be shipped back home. Hopefully, their efforts to cut the planet apart were not in vain, as huge slabs of frozen water is one of their primary exports. The other notable exports are tritium gas, asteroid mining, and bitter winds.

System Description

Sun Type Late Stage Blue Dwarf
Celestial Bodies 2 Asteroid Belt, 1 Ice Planet
Current Occupants Nepleslians, Geshrin, Other
Orbiting Order Sun > Burrows Asteroid Field > Planet: Hope > Wellington Ice Field

The P1-3 star system has only one planet. The planet, named โ€œHopeโ€ due to the fact that it had an enormous supply of frozen water to be extracted and supplied for Nepleslia. It was uninhabited save for a few carnivorous scavengers. The atmosphere is breathable, but the temperatures are extremely cold, especially at night.

A basic colony was formed, and several town-sized cities have been founded with the capitol Haven having the key spaceport to send ice/water to and receive supplies and equipment from a Space Station in orbit.

The two asteroid fields in the system are separated by the orbit of this planet. The one closest to the sun (called Burrows Field) is merely a field of rocks with no mineral value what-so-ever. However, there are large pockets of tritium gases throughout the field.

The furthest one (called Wellington Ice Field) consists of large shards of ice and barren rock. Mining stations (one carved out of a very large chunk of only rock and two in actual stations) have been made and preliminary sites have already been set up, digging into the ice and rock for minerals.

Spaceborne Structures

  • 1 Spacestation orbiting Hope
  • 1 Gas Mining Facility within the Burrows Field
  • 3 Asteroid Mining Bases within the Wellington Ice Field

Planet: Hope

The defining characteristic of Hope is that it is covered in ice with patches of frozen rock amongst it, creating a vicious, barren terrain. Building upon ice was discouraged and colonists picked areas of solid rock to create permanent structures on. Towns and cities are usually nestled under large, flat, heated domes several kilometres wide with only a handful of ways in and out in order to keep the conditions liveable, as the external atmosphere requires specialised gear to survive in and snowstorms damage structures. For a short while, frostbite was the leading cause of death instead of gunshot wounds.

Haven is the largest and the first city to be founded upon Hope, boasting the sole spaceport that sends gigantic chunks of ice and receives supplies from the Space Station that orbits the planet. Permanent residents of Hope live interchangeably between Haven and the growing Space Station. Most travellers and passers-by prefer to remain on the space station and watch the planet from a distance rather than go planetside.

The previous representative to the Nepleslian senate was Michael Kreisen before some tribulations dethroned him from his position. The position is currently free, and the citizens have found that the small size of the colony allows things to remain autonomous without a senator, and a less interesting person was elected in their stead.

Planetside Structures & Settlements

  • Haven, Capitol City
    • Primary Spaceport
  • Several smaller towns
    • Black Rock - A toolmaking, refinery and foundry town. Black Rock's exported equipment is known to withstand bone chilling conditions.
    • Jovian Peak - A mountainside mining town with some exposure to the elements for extreme sports aficionados and skiiers. Very dangerous, high-level skiing.
    • Gunman's Run - A craggy outcropping of hills and valleys, with a dome stretched over them and the entrances snaking in and out of the valleys.
    • Wasteview Plain - A go-between town intended as a mechanic's rest stop, with a population of mechanics who are paid in resources from larger towns connecting here.
    • The Heath - A greener area close to the planet's equator with green, tundra conditions and extensive marshes and moors. Surprisingly picturesque place, and possible tourist destination.
    • Corona Mountain - A place carved into a rocky, icy mountain, entrance concealed by a heat dome. The heart of the town lies in the inside of the mountain, partially subterranean.
    • Burke's Pines - Science Colony lead by Burke Christiansen attempting to grow hardy coniferous trees on mountainside. A small forest of three and a half hectares is visible.
  • Ice and Ore Mines peppered throughout the planet
    • Ice Queen - A well known casino run by the Black Syndicate. The casino has seen many renovations over the years and includes a massive entertainment complex contained under a clear dome that is attached to the side of a large tower that contains the Casino offices as well as hotel rooms.


Type Ice
Radius 3318.57 Kilometres
Surface Area 138,000,000 km2
Land Area 66% Ice, 34% Rock
Mass 5.37063×1024 kg
Density 5.923 g/cm3
Composition Ice/Crust, Rocky Core


Climate Types Ice and Snow, Tundras near equator
Flora Density Too cold to support
Fauna Density Somewhat low
Length of Day 20 hours
Average Temperature Daytime: 23 degrees F (-6 C); Nighttime: -20 degrees F (-28 C)


Haven is primarily made up of Nepleslian citizens, but other species that don't mind the chill aren't completely unheard of either.

Capitol Haven
Demographics 82% Nepleslians, 13% Geshrin, 5% Other
Places of the SARPiverse
Place Categoriesstar system

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