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Michael Kreisen

Age: 31

Representing: Hope (P1-3)

About: This man has deep-set, azure eyes. He has short, blonde-almost-white hair that is styled in a way reminicent of a wheat field. His physique is rather lean, due to being a Geshrin at one point in his life. He seemed to have an air of charisma and friendliness about him. Currently, he is a Yamataian, but this was due to an unfortunate β€œaccident” that occured back in YE 27. His Geshrin body was far too damaged, so he transferred to a Yamataian body. Shortly afterwards, he came to live on Kennewes until the P1-3 colony was settled. He moved with the original settlers and helped establish the colony itself. Since he seemed to be a prime candidate, the colony agreed to send Mr. Kreisen as their senator.

His childhood is mostly a mystery, even to himself. He was born to a Helena and Troja Kreisen, but shortly after his brother was born two years later, . A close friend of the family, Sergei Valssai, took them both in and raised them as in own. When he was old enough, Michael went to school to get into politics. He did a few things on Kennewes before moving to Hope, but his first truly noteworthy position in the world of politics is being a senator for the P1-3 colony.

He does have mostly unknown ties to an assassin organization, but all known connections seem to cease after local police raided the organization's headquarters in YE 27. No evidence was discovered to tie Michael to this organization, which apparently disbanded shortly after the raid. No charges were brought up against this aspiring politician.

Character Data
Character NameMichael Kreisen
Character StatusNPC Available for GM or FM use

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