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Black Syndicate

The Black Syndicate is a Nepleslian network of underworld affiliates. They primarily deal in the areas of arms manufacturing and dealing, and in organized crime (bank robbing, starship theft etc).

Note: The name of the Black Syndicate is based on their traditional black clothing and uniforms, and is not intended to describe its members or to associate any connotation with persons of darker skin tone.

Black Syndicate
Headquarters Unknown
Established BYE: Unknown
Total Personnel 75,700
Active Duty 15,000
Reserve 60,000

Recently, the Black Syndicate has worked together with the Nepleslian Reds (against the Greens). Zen Armaments is owned by the Black Syndicate. However despite the disastrous twists of luck the Black Syndicate has been facing the past couple of years and the fractured nature of some of the groups they are beginning to regain their footing. Now under new leadership, The Black Syndicate hopes to rise to new heights in this wartorn sector of space. It should be known however that the Blacks have a distinct dislike for the NMX due to 'disrupting business' and actively work behind the scenes where possible to hamper them. Supplying goods and 'services' to those willing to pay, or be indebted in some way, the Black Syndicate has made it a priority to ply its massive wealth and assets in a bid to help turn the tide. For without customers… where would they be?


Materials Contributed to Nepleslia

Below are listed materials contributed to the Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia by the Black Syndicate and its related holdings.


Medical Supplies

Entertainment Goods

  • Lots of 'Adult Oriented' Videos and Magazines

Powered Armor



Cool Swag

Important Persons

Johnathan Cavil Hawke Nepleslian, Don, Head Honcho Personality: Determined, Intelligent and just a little bit of a gentleman in that he tends to honor his word. Notes: Sometimes takes a hands on approach to 'business'. Appearance: Man in his mid-thirties, he is tall and lean with a tanned complexion, hazel eyes, short black hair and a mustache.
'Drebin' Nepleslian/Cyborg, Capo, Arms Dealer, 'Go-to Guy' Personality: Laid Back, street smart smooth personality with an underlying ruthlessness. He won't hesitate to take out a threat overtly if required. Notes: Drebin is a full-conversion cyborg making his exact age or real name unknown. Tends to carry a pair of .45 Caliber Pistols with him in shoulder holsters. Appearance: Nepleslian Male appearing in his late-twenties. Chocolate skin, brown eyes with short hair that he often changes the color according to whimsy. He favors crushed velvet suits usually of dark colors with ties to match.
Felicia Raquel Morrison Nepleslian, Typically acts as a Gun Moll Personality: Quiet, and efficient when working, loud and crass when not. Notes: She typically sticks to Drebin or Johnathan as a partner and extra gun if needed Appearance: A woman in her early twenties, Felicia is in the prime of her life. She has a lightly tanned complexion, blue eyes and blond hair she usually keeps tied back or held up in a messy bun.
Only things Nepleslia would have!

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