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Nepleslian Reds

One of the historic Nepleslian cultural groups, the Reds are primarily associated with the ancient cloning factories of old Planet Nepleslia. While the Greens chose to work for or with the Uesureyan Star Empire in the past and primarily served as soldiers for the Uesureyan war machine, the Reds rejected this in favor of personal freedom and engaged in many campaigns against the greens, despite typically being outnumbered and outgunned. As of YE 44, they have been largely inactive in the affairs of the sector. But they are currently re-surging to claim a destiny of their own.

Nepleslian Reds
Capital Fujiko, Red Sands City or Shenhong City
Population 15 million
Head of State No Official Head
Head of Government Chief Executive Sun Horatio
Government Type Corporate Republic
Formation First Founding: Pre-YE 01 / Second Founding: YE 44
Current Year YE 45
Currency KS


Pre-Exile History

The origins of the Nepleslian Reds lie with the old Tymian Empire. Its capital was once New Detroit (which is now known as Funky City and had a major corporation named TD Electronics. Both Tymia and Uesureya were members of the United Empire Forces (UEF) Before YE 01, the Uesureyan elite became the Yamatai Star Empire and eventually took over the UEF by force. This has been a source of grievance amongst the Reds towards the Yamataians.

The Nepleslian population used to be half and half during the establishment of the Yamatai Star Empire. While the Greens initially submitted to the rule of the proto-Yamataians, the Reds rejected it. This difference of ideals and opinions had always been a source of contention between the two factions of the Nepleslian people.

But over the years the Greens, due to their support of the elites, were constantly drafted and cloned to be deployed to keep the Nepleslian population under Yamataian control. While the elites were the cause of the loss of freedoms in the mind of the Reds, the Greens were the means of how they were accomplishing this. Where the Reds once viewed the Greens as ideological rivals, they now viewed them traitors who needed to be defeated so Nepleslia could be made free once more.

In YE 28, Nepleslians seceded from the Yamatai Star Empire due to fears of the Sfrarabla Mishhuvurthyar Xhrafuklurp (SMX). With Yamataian control out of the picture, the old conflicts between the Reds and the Greens flared up once again. Street Wars between Red and Green affiliated gangs and organizations broke out in Funky City and throughout Nepleslian space. Having access to the military-industrial complex, the Greens took control of every star system with the exception being the System of Kennewes.

The nth Nepleslian Civil War

In YE 29, the Greens launched an offensive against the Reds of Kennewes. The Reds, having formed their own fleet to counter the new Star Army of Nepleslia, fought valiantly to defend their last bastion in Nepleslian space. But it was ultimately totally defeated. Afterwards, in a fit of rage to end the Reds once and for all, the Greens began a genocidal purge of the population of Kennewes. To further make the attempt permanent, Nepleslia banned cloning to prevent more Reds from being created.

Despite this, by the end of YE 30, millions of Reds managed to flee to the protection of the enemy of their enemy (who also technically was their enemy too): the Yamatai Star Empire. Settling on Fujiko and establishing a presence in Rufusland to take advantage of the vast mineral wealth of the system. Many took up work in the new mining industry or went on to become pirates in the United Outer Colonies after it broke away from the Yamatai Star Empire in the same year. Some Reds (mostly clones) just have a constant need for war and conflict


By YE 34 many did not consider the Reds to be a significant political organization. Though there were attempts to make a recovery. The Reds established numerous shell companies within the Yamatai Star Empire to launder money towards the faction leadership. But this process has been slow as the shells have largely dealt with in common goods save for Second Chance Salvage Corporation (secretly working with the Reds) and Nepleslian Research and Manufacturing.

During the remaining 9 years since YE 34, the remnants of the Red leadership (known as the Old Guard) were been plotting and scheming on how to get their revenge on the Nepleslian Greens. But their efforts were completely limited with the fact that the old Red Star Army was in shambles. Where they once had legions of clone soldiers and equipment at their disposal, they now only had a force largely consisting of militias that were allowed to carry out orders however they pleased. Despite this, many within the population (clones and non-clones alike) were initially for the idea of getting back at the Greens.

But as time grew longer and further away from their flight to Fujiko, the more the population began to question what and why exactly they found themselves sheltering like cowards within the land of the very faction whose forefathers and mothers had directly led to the downfall of the Tymian Empire. Many of the militias began to either disband themselves to look for a better life or focused their attention on the safety of their own local communities. The “threat” of the Greens was increasingly being diminished. It also did not help that many were still waiting for reimbursement of expenses from the Old Guard.


In YE 43.6, the Reds (via their proxies in Halna) were given military aid by the Star Army of Yamatai to (in theory) act as a buffer against the Kuvexians. Still obsessed with the Greens, the Old Guard instead wanted to use the first real military grade equipment that had in awhile to re-establish the Red Star Army as the Red Volunteers and stage a raid on Breaker's Point (Urghaflu) (and likely have a minor vacation) to show the Greens that they were still alive and kicking.

A growing number of reformers and “defective clones” were tipped off to this by an anonymous tip. Knowing that 1.) they were nowhere near on parity with the Greens and 2.) the Yamataians would slam down on them before they even carried out the raid, a group of young militia officers consisting of clones and natural born Reds met on Fujiko to coordinate their actions. Collectively in YE 43.7, they evoked an ancient clause in the only real political document the Reds hold any respect for to call for the impeachment of their leadership.

Another group of young militia officers and employees at Nepleslian Research and Manufacturing had also gotten tired of their insane and corrupt CEO Dr. X. Seeing the coup as an opportunity, they also launched their own coup to restore the corporation back to its “glory days” of actually making products.

A whole slew of evidence of illiberal actions by the Old Guard within Dr. X's records was transmitted to the masses once the now disgraced CEO uploaded himself into the net to escape. Among them was the true account with millions of KS they had been hoarding instead of investing into NRM.

Fighting for their lives and wealth, the Old Guard gathered their supporters and loyalist militias (about 10% of the population) to directly crush the “Red Reformation Movement” by force. Fighting broke out on Fujiko, Rufusland, Ukmirt, and the Black Moon of Halna late in the 7th month of YE 43. Over three months, while the Rebels were successful in routing the loyalists off of Fujiko, Rufusland, and Ukmirt; they were less successful on the Black Moon where the vast majority of the Red Pirates liked the status quo. By YE 44.2 most of the the active fighting had ceased and street violence returned back to normal.

A weeks long trial on Fujiko took place to judge the actions of the surviving Old Guard leadership. Every fault, act of incompetence, and disgraceful behavior was laid to bare to the public. Where people were once rallied with the call to “Get the Greens”, they were now rallied by the call of “Manifest Destiny” made popular by a prosecutor yelling at one of the Old Guard that “You have stolen our ability to manifest destiny!”

Once they were (inevitably) found guilty, the Old Guard were promptly loaded onto shuttles (with heavy guard and escort) and banished to the far side of Nell with nothing more than a basic survival kit missing cutting tools. Whether they survived, died, or were rescued by the Pirates of Halna really didn't concern the “New Reds” all that much.

Now with a power vacuum, a number sub-factional leaders left gathered in Red Sands City's Edo Dance Hall on 44.3 to not only party, but also discuss how to shape the future of the Reds. On more than one occasion between the crazed danced sessions over the month a new nation-state was suggested and new documents written by the least inebriated.

At the beginning of YE 44.4 when the celebrations were over, everyone involved met to formally sign the “Compact of Rights” once someone was able to properly write the alcohol-induced philosophical ramblings in a more “legalese” manner. For all recognized the one obstacle to their plans of manifesting their destiny and showing the Greens they can rule just as well: the Yamataian Star Empire.

Since YE 28, the Yamataians had centralized their military under the Star Army of Yamatai. Since a military force would be needed to defend themselves when they inevitably desired to expand outside of Yamataian space and strike out on their own, as all nation-states should. But there was a solution that presented itself in the form of the Ryu Keiretsu.

Wishing to establish a presence within the region to economically develop Fujiko, Rufusland, and Ukmirt; the RyuK was looking for a way to coordinate their efforts (govern) the systems since the Reds historically had no real local governments and the Yamataian presence was weak at best.

After discussions between various defacto system governors and the president of the RyuK, it was decided to create the Fujiko Development Corporation. As it was meant to function as a provisional government, it gave the Reds cover to establish their shadow “Federal Union” with proper “corporate security” defense forces. The price? They are the partner of someone with a 51% stake in the corporation and an unknown agenda.


Historically those that identify as Reds was someone of a culture whose roots lie in ancient cloning machines and bred to fight and pillage. They had an individualist mindset and generally were an anti-government, materialistic, and fatalistic. Historically the Reds saw the Greens as wrongly putting themselves in charge of all of Nepleslia.

Today this is still largely the case. But due to the distance and lack of interaction with the Greens, the younger generations of Reds have had time to learn from those that have reflected on why the Reds are in the current situation that they are. Compared to their older counterparts, younger Reds are far less fatalistic and focused on improving themselves and their communities, and creating a better future for the Reds.

As they have not been in constant combat, younger Reds have learned to focus their need for war by channeling it into a need to carry out justice for those that cannot. This comes often comes in the form of anti-piracy mercenary groups, private security firms, being vigilantes, and even joining the Star Army of Yamatai during the Kuvexian War. They naturally clash with older generations as being too “inflexible”.

The remaining older generations have largely accepted this. Though they deeply pity them for losing sight on who the true enemy is: the Greens.

Typical Occupations

Most Reds are involved in arms manufacturing (gunsmithing), Smuggling and piracy (largely older Reds), mining, and salvaging (mainly those of the old Red Star Army) for their professions. A happy Red is someone getting hands on and creating something. Older models of manufactured clones tend to become pirates and mercenaries due to their in-grained need for combat.

Fujiko Reds Cultural Group

“Maybe constantly trying to defeat the Greens wasn't a great idea after the nth conflict.” Random Citizen of Fujiko

The Fujiko Reds are a group that have been forced to live in close quarters with each other due to the environmental hazards of the world they settled on. To maintain order, they have learned to sacrifice a portion of their individualist nature and accept a minimum level of “order” for “the common good”. This has allowed them to not rip each other in constant internal warfare seen in similar crapped conditions such as Funky City, though settlements are just as corrupt though.

Fujiko Reds prefer to settle all matters at the lowest level before, begrudgingly, involving an authority figure to solve the issue.

Halna Reds Cultural Group

“We are the last true Reds after those dirty federalist Reds took over.” Random Netizen Comment

When people think of Reds as criminals, pirates, and generally bad people, they are more often than not they are talking about the Reds of Halna's Black Moon post YE 35. While some of the former Red Pirates in the UOC that didn’t get eaten by the Mishhuvurthyar were willing to turn a new leaf with their cousins to the “south”, the vast majority were unwilling to give up their lifestyle and went to Halna.

With recent reforms around Fujiko, even more strain has been placed due to their “Live and Let Live” attitude, criminal activities, absolute hatred for authority. While they have not outright cut off communication with those around Fujiko, they have not exactly been answering communications or falling into line with them as well.

New Bernese Reds Cultural Group

“Today we christen the establishment of Johnsville. May the Great Machine bless us today!” New Bernese Village Head after the 13th Migration

The remnants of the traitors and deserters knowing the true result of the Green/Red Civil War, the New Bernese Reds have eked out a new life trying to survive on a new world. Their old hatred for the Greens briefly manifested when New Bernese was discovered and colonized by Nepleslia. But after being (inevitably) defeated, they have largely abandoned the ancient tradition in favor of continuing to survive and preserve what is left of their culture.

They are a close-knit group that desire to keep to themselves and not open to accepting outsiders into their midst unless they have demonstrated their conversion. They prefer to leave in peace (after all of the defeats they have suffered) to find a new place to live. But they are quite willing to defend themselves violently if they must. Something pirates have been dealing with and paranoid Greens came in and crushed.

Ukmirt Reds Cultural Group

“Look at them and their drones. They have no respect for the land for no one can own it. But you can certainly rent it from me if you don't want people constantly stealing your harvest.” Local Red Militia member

Ukmirt Reds differ from their neighboring Fujiko cousins due to them being the most “collectivist” of the Reds. Not wanting to be on the chilly tundra of Fujiko, a number of clone families who were agricultural specialists moved the unincorporated Ukmirt. They managed to remain underneath the attention of the NMX thanks to their minimalist communes in the swampy rain forests of the planet's archipelagoes.

When the planet was annexed in YE 39, the Reds already on the planet shrugged their shoulders. With the number of Fujiko Reds and Yamataians that have moved to the planet, Ukmirt Reds are more sensitive than most Reds to anything they deem a threat to their “sovereign” right to forge their own path in life.


All players are welcome within the Nepleslian reds. Please review any Active Plots (top of the menu on the left) to see what best fits your interests. You can also strongly encouraged to RP as an independent, spin up your own plot, or participate in an Open RP thread at any time.

Below are some quick points of regarding the Reds:

  • All Reds have some sense of Libertarism. The current dominate philosophy is Classical Liberalism.
  • Reds have a strong sense of individualism and a strong dislike for excessive authority.

Join Us!


Below are details about the Nepleslian Reds.

Current Jobs Wanted

  • Private Ship Captains
  • Police Officers
  • Firefighters
  • Scientists
  • Doctors
  • Educators

Incorporated Species

The Nepleslian Reds largely consists of Nepleslians. But firmly believing in species diversity, the Reds are highly welcoming of other species willing to live their culture and embrace ideals. For the humans, there are efforts to mass produce and mass adoption of most (if not all) Zhenren Human Upgrade Package augmentations and the introduction Lily Type Artificial Nepleslian to supplement (and eventually replace) their existing types of clone Artificial Nepleslians created by Nepleslian Research and Manufacturing.

For non-human species, the Separa'Shan make up the majority the species that have embraced being a Red. Consisting of individuals that were displaced from the Essia System by the Kuvexian occupation of their homeworld, they are primarily found on Ukmirt A-4. Their native culture making them fairly libertarian in nature, these displaced Separa'Shan Reds took to Nepleslian Red culture very well.

The Nepleslian love for cybernetic augmentation to improve their bodies has attracted a number of Kodians looking to explore the world over the years. Their expertise in cybernetics, genetic engineering, and love for alcohol has made them welcome additions to the the Red communities they have decided to become a part of.

Helashio, embracing a life of freedom once they are freed in Yamatai space, also make up a sizable portion of non-human Reds. Helashio Reds are found primarily on Ukmirt A-4, where they live on farming communes working the land with the Nepleslian Reds and local ethnic group. Though Helaship can also be found on Fujiko and Rufusland working within the many industrial and exploration occupations.

Former NMX Nekovalkyrjas, unable to get adapt to mainstream Yamataian culture, are the only NH-series lifeforms that have officially been incorporated into the Reds. Found anywhere within the Nepleslian Red “territories”, former NMX Nekos have taken to calling themselves “Fujiko Nekos” to distinguish themselves from outside Neko groups. To accomplish this, most change their hair color to silver, onyx, or red as a mark of the Nepleslian Reds. It is not uncommon for a Fujiko Neko to resleeve into an Artificial Nepleslian body based on their genetics to feel more connected to the culture.

“Fujiko Nekos” found on the Black Moon of Halna are often employed by criminal elements while those in the Fujiko Region are often found serving in Red Militias. Anywhee where they can form a new team/group to belong to, there will almost always be a Fujiko Neko there.

Finally Elysian have been known to associate with the Nepleslian Reds since their arrival during the Nepleslian Reds. Feeling like their homelands had lost what it meant to be “Elysian”, a number of Patrician and their Caelisolan/Plebeian followers moved to Fujiko. The lack of education system within the region gave them the impression that they could mold the Nepleslian Reds into a new canvas which they could impart and raise with Elysian values. Needless to say, their efforts have been less than ideal with a majority of Elysians identifying themselves as Reds.


Located within the Yamatai Star Empire, the Nepleslian Reds officially represent themselves as a regional government taking the form of Fujiko Development Corporation's Territorial Administration Services. The Reds are threading a thin line between maintaining their independence and receiving support from the Yamatai Star Empire to bolster their prospects as a faction.

Treaties and Diplomacy

While they exist within the Yamatai Star Empire, there is no official treaty or form of diplomacy. In the eyes of the Yamataians, the Reds are either citizens or permanent residents allowed to live and work within the region. There are no real effort to solidify the arrangement into a treaty.


Not a unifed faction, the Nepleslian Reds technically no not have territory. They, however, can be found on the following locations:

  • System of Fujiko, an industrial system with a massive subartic and tundra-like “Garden” Planet,
  • System of Rufusland, an industrial system with a massive “Garden” Planet covered in deep oceans.
  • System of Ukmirt, an agricultural system with a massive superhabitable world.
  • The Black Moon in the System of Halna, a Pirate Haven and home of Old School Reds.
  • Planet New Bernese within the P1-6 "Freemud" System, home to deserters and traitors of the Reds during the nth Nepleslian Civil War.

More About This Faction

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The following corporations are affiliated with the Reds, both openly and covertly:

Historical Articles

The following articles are old articles used to represent the Reds. Most are still valid and applicable only to Second Chance Salvage Corporation.

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DescriptionOne of the historic Nepleslian cultural groups, the Reds are primarily associated with the ancient cloning factories of old Planet Nepleslia. While the Greens chose to work for or with the Uesureyan Star Empire in the past and primarily served as soldiers for the Uesureyan war machine, the Reds rejected this in favor of personal freedom and engaged in many campaigns against the greens, despite typically being outnumbered and outgunned. As of YE 44, they have been largely inactive in the affairs of the sector.
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