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Creating a Nepleslian Red

This is a Character Creation Guide for creating a Character within the newly multi-species culture of the Nepleslian Reds. You can open the Character Template and follow along.

If you landed here first for some reason, be sure to check out the New Players Guide 🔰 too!


The Reds, a political group that has existed (and fought the Greens) since the earliest days of the SARP, seek to preserve the old ways of Nepleslia: they are big on cloning, war, imperialism, shipbuilding, and deregulation. They do not like restrictive laws (especially on weapons) or species replacement policies.

  • All Reds have some sense of Libertarism. The current dominate philosophy is Classical Liberalism.
  • Reds have a strong sense of individualism and a strong dislike for excessive authority.
  • Most Reds have learned to self-reflect since living within the Yamatai Star Empire. Not all enact what they learn though.

Common Incorporated Species

While not huge believers in species diversity, a Nepleslian Red can be one of the following species:

Working Out The Details

Here are some important things to consider when making your new character.


The most numerous species of the faction, Nepleslians differ little from those found in the Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia.

The majority of Reds that are Nepleslians are clones created during the civil war of YE 29 or created after their arrival in the Fujiko. While some clones are born as children or individuals born from clone parents naturally, the vast majority are born at the legal age of 21yo (18yo in the old 12 month calendars). They do not differ from normal Nepleslians in the aging process unless a member of a clone line with specific genetic augmentations.

Due to the extensive use of clones to replace the loss of life from constant war, the concept of a nuclear family is a foreign one to the Reds. They instead form families and teams around their fellow clone batchmates. The strongest bonds are between squadmates who were also born within the same batch, with others approximating “cousins” as they are still related.

For clones that reproduce naturally, a hybrid family is formed with human instinct overriding their psychological conditioning and desire to protect their child above all else. These children are often integrated into their batch families, have many aunts and uncles (or just uncles). Children, while raised to be very individualistic, are expected to enter a job similar to their batch family (a soldier, technician, etc.).

Red male typically have masculine, American-sounding first and last names. The rare females are usually given very feminine American-sounding names. Though ones being named for ancient goddesses and legendary female warriors have been known.

Lily Artificial Nepleslians

Introduced to the sector in YE 44, Lily Artifical Nepleslians (or clones) were designed to act as more mature individuals. They come with augmentations that allow them to easily integrate with a digital society such as the Yamatai Star Empire or the New Dusk Conclave.

The names of Lilies depends on the cultural background of their progenitor line. The first name is gauarnteed to be of the culture, but the last name serves as their batch name (sharing with at most 100 other siblings). Sometimes it is of the culture and sometimes it can be of the individual ordering (or based on).


Always supportive of species diversity, the Reds (like much of Nepleslia) was always vastly Nepleslian and human. But the relocation to Fujiko has allowed for other xeno to be exposed to the Reds' ideologies. The first of them were Separa'shan. They first arrived to Ukmirt in YE 40 and a much larger migrant wave in YE 42.

Consult Creating a Separa'Shan on how to create a Separa'shan Nepleslian Red.


Helashios ended up in Nepleslian Red space when former Helashio slaves began to freed from salvage giveaways in mass. Having no where to really go, many drifted to Ukmirt beginning in YE 40. Helashio began to be cloned by the Reds in YE 46.

Consult Helashio species article on how to create a Helashio Nepleslian Red.


First arriving YE 35, the first Elysians that arrived were a few Patricians and their Caelisolans followers that were unhappy with the way their people ran back to the Yamataians. Giving up on their people, they felt even being among the uneduated Reds would be better to live out “true Elysian culture”.

But the state of education among the Reds was appalling to these arrivals, causing them to start setting up schools to fix it. Over time, these schools not only served as the only source of education in the region, it also converted these patricians to Red ideology as they debated with students.

Most of Elysian growth comes from caelisolans migrating to the region and nuclear families expanding.

Consult Creating an Elysian on how to create an Elysian Nepleslian Red.


1) Former PoWs from the Second Mishhuvurthyar War, when he war was over a majority felt lost. Their sisters long dead and aware of the evil of the Mishhu, they knew they could not return to the NMX. But their upbringing and conditioning still screamed in them to be a member of a team. A large number discovered a new team in the form of the Nepleslian Reds when a number were hired by militias and pirates starting in YE 36.

While some were treated poorly because their employers could not distinguish them from Yamataian Nekos, the majority were treated like they were always Reds. The acceptance was hard to accept at first, but it eventually attracted other lost NMX Nekos to Fujiko, Rufusland, and Ukmirt to find new lives.

The majority are raven/grey haired and/or have red eyes. For names, most have traditional Yamataian Japanese names. Others have dropped their NMX names and replaced them with Nepleslian-like names as a show of their new life.

Consult NMX Nekovalkyrja on how to create a former Neko Nepleslian Red.


All Reds (Nepleslian and non-Nepleslian) have the following in common:

  • Very individualistic. Even among clone batches, no individual is the same.
  • Will always opt for the option that grants them the most freedom. But can balance toward convenience if the reward doesn't sacrifice their individuality.
  • Merit-based decision making. If one can explain well why their idea is best, a Red is likely to go along with it.


Parkour is a popular physical activity carried out by the less brawny of Red clones. With nothing to do within places like Red Sands City, bored individuals started to come up with increasingly insane tricks to maneuver around the city. It didn't take long for the best to start forming competitions for bragging rights. There are rumors that a messenger underground has formed making use of techniques to stay largely hidden.

Popular among both brawny and less so Reds, rugby is a commonly played sport on Ukmirt. Those on Fujiko and Rufusland do play it as well, but dedicated playing facilities are used meaning it is not a pick-up activity.


Reds come in all different personalities, here are some suggested resources:

Likes and Dislikes

In the “likes” and “dislikes” sections you can list some of your character's most and least favorite things. Perhaps your Red has an aversion to certain foods or a passion for a certain type of music. This is up to you.

As Nepleslians (and non-Nepleslians to a lesser extent), Nepleslian Reds have a deep love for all things firearms and cybernetics.


What would your character like to accomplish in the SARPiverse. Don't be afraid to dream big, there are no wrong answers here.

Suggested Occupations

Not constantly fighting the Greens and historically unable (or unwilling) to re-develop their industrial base, Reds can be found in a while variety of occupations. Below are some examples.

Star Army of Yamatai (Enlisted)

As residents (and even citizens of the Yamatai Star Empire), Reds are able to enlist into the Star Army of Yamatai. Though most would not do this as they are veterans from and before the civil war where they still remember the darker history of the Empire. Combined with a strong loyalty to the Reds,

But they are naturally individualistic. Young Reds created after their arrival to Fujiko to create a workforce to rebuild might be willing to join. Especially those that were created in the last two years with nothing to do. The Lily Type Artificial Nepleslian who have a full childhood virtually are the most likely to join the Star Army of Yamatai.

Old Red Clones are largely regulated only to the life of infantry due to their terrible education. Lily Types, however, may enlist in anything depending on their interests.


Reds are commonly gunsmiths and salvagers due to their experience fighting the Greens. Common vastly under-equipped compared to their opponent's, the Reds had to regularly repair their old equipment and learn to use captured gear. The habit continued for nearly two decades after their arrival on Fujiko due to the squandering of resources to re-establish their industrial base.

The rich resources of the region has created many mining and factory jobs from Yamataian companies.

Criminals and Pirates

Not all Reds decided to be productive in a good way. A large number within the faction had turned to the life of crime in order to sustain their long term goals of going after the Greens or just to deal with unemployment once colonial infrastructure was finished. Reds are commonly found as pirates, smugglers, gangs within the region. They are also known for the legal, semi-legal, and very illegal scam business schemes. Most of these Reds are found on the The Black Moon of Halna, but they can hail from anywhere Reds are found.

Gear and Finances

The following are gear and finances common to all Reds.

Standard Issue

All Reds are given a Zen Armaments 10mm Covert Ops Pistol when they reach adulthood (out of the vat or not) or when they are officially “initiated” as a Red.


All characters start with 3,000 KS or the equivalent. In the role-play, this is your character's enlistment bonus. If you want to start with additional possessions, their value should be deducted from your starting funds.

  • See Star Army Pay for monthly pay amounts.
  • Most Reds (roughly 60%) are Yamataian citizens. As such, you can also apply for LACY, a basic guaranteed income program. See Yamataian Economy for details.

Tip: Don't get lost surfing the wiki trying to find stuff to buy! We suggest that you keep the cash and purchase items later, once your character is approved and you're already posting in the role-play plots.

OOC Notes

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