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NMX Nekovalkyrja

One of the key differences between the Sfrarabla Mishhuvurthyar Xhrafuklurp (SMX) and the NMX is that the the NMX employs Nekovalkyrja soldiers to supplement its Mishhuvurthyar population and fill its enlisted ranks with humanoid soldiers. This guide covers the creation and life of the Nekovalkyrja born into the “other side” of the Second Mishhuvurthyar War.


NMX Nekovalkyrja are typically created in captured or custom-built Mass Cloning Facilities. Like their counterparts in the Star Army of Yamatai, they can be randomized (having different hair and eye colors and different personalities) or made in nearly identical groups. They are programmed with combat and occupational skills immediately after birth and then sent to their assignments without any additional training. Personalities are still being formed when they arrive on the job site.


An NMX Nekovalkyrja is loyal (but not fanatically so) to her creators and naturally driven to work as a team to strive for victory even in the face of incredible odds. They have a natural kinship with their sisters and a warrior ethos that drives them to serve as obedient soldiers. They are gifted with free will and self-preservation instinct. NMX Nekos are taught strategy and tactics, and are gifted warriors but their social growth is limited at first and they know little about love and other “unnecessary” emotions. They are neither stupid nor robotic, but they are often young and naive about the world and their minds are filled with the NMX's propaganda, which provides a truth-based but very skewed viewpoint about the universe and its occupants.



NMX nekos fight and serve for many reasons:

  • To pay their “debt” to their creators for being born
  • To help unify the universe (they have been taught the existing factions are petty and unworthy and weak and deserve to die)
  • To protect their fellow Neko
  • For the thrill of battle that their instincts crave
  • To prove themselves and earn a better life
  • Out of fear of their Mishhuvurthyar masters.

Overall, Nekos live to fight and fight to live and see themselves as part of a greater whole rather than just individuals.

When Captured

Nekos will occasionally surrender when all other options are exhausted and their comrades are dead. Nekos in groups tend to keep fighting but lone nekos may surrender. Once a Neko surrenders, she is usually quiet and docile and in a depressed state of mind. She will typically cooperate with her captors in a limited fashion as long as they use “honey” not “vinegar” because they are not used to being treated kindly and they are often surprised by kindness. A threatened or mistreated NMX neko prisoner will often “clamp up” and be silent and stubborn. Captured nekos are generally not overly concerned with their own lives as they feel like failures, but often will eventually want to rejoin a fighting force, even if it's the not the one they started in.

The Enemy

The NMX sees it as very important to delineate the line between themselves and the enemy. The NMX says that enemy soldiers and people are worthless and foolish and must be annihilated or converted into usable resources. They deserve the worst fate possible because they refused to join the Mishhu when offered the opportunity and anyone not aligned with the Mishhu is considered to be the enemy.

Treatment By Mishhu

Although the NMX considers NMX Nekovalkyrja expendable, it abhors wasting theirs lives pointlessly. The NMX treats its nekos soldiers as professionals and offers them room to advance in rank and even to become officers. The Mishhu have promised to allow Nekovalkyrja who serve for 5 years to retire with a pension of sorts, but none have made in that long so far since NMX Nekovalkyrja were first made in YE 31. The Mishhu attempt to keep Nekos busy with a long workday and a long list of tasks centered around combat readiness. If nekos are going to be idle for an extended period of time, it is not uncommon for the Mishhu to put them in stasis to prevent their minds filling up with too much non-war thought.

Mishhu Law and Discipline

Because the NMX Nekovalkyrja are considered soldiers (and genetic cousins of the Mishhu) they are protected by law against abuse by their superiors; however, any Neko showing obvious disloyalty or insubordination will likely be implanted with a parasite which will take over her mind and body. Parasite-infected individuals have no rights or protections and the original mind would be wiped out…so this is the equivalent of the death penalty. The Mishhu will also punish acts of crime and desertion by declaring problematic nekos to be an “Enemy” and then dealing with them like an enemy: by butchering them. Other threats include a transfer to the SMX (the SMX doesn't employ neko soldiers, only thralls and slaves) and assignments at horrible locations. Minor infractions (showing up late, wasting resources, etc) may be punished with painful physical punishments (lashes, and some types of non-sexual torture) that are usually doled out in front of the other crew members.

Daily Life

Most of the time, the NMX neko lives a spartan life on a starship or fighting on a planet with only the essentials for life; however, NMX starports have begun offering entertainment and recreation opportunities for them to give them something to look forward to if they succeed in their missions. Days can be repetitive, with a narrow meal menu (caused by the Mishhu's poor farming infrastructure, overstretched logistics, and lack of care for Neko tastes) and not a lot to do. NMX nekos who are off duty entertain themselves with sex, sparring, or sometimes with art.

Random Generator

Superior Fighter Ugysudu Rudmili Lizma is a genetically-tattooed light gray NH-29 NMX light infantry soldier with wide blue-gray eyes and crew cut black hair.

She's dressed in a field uniform and equipped with a pistol and rations. She is wondering if she's on the wrong side of the war.

Former NMX Nekovalkyrja

Some NMX Nekovalkyrja have found their way into new factions:

Niko Yârme (Free Neko)

In YE 35, a group of NMX Nekovalkyrja on the former NMX world of Âmuar (Dream) were discovered by the Poku Saeruo Degonjo. These Nekos had rebelled against their former masters, and had survived subsequent bombings of the planet by the Star Army of Yamatai. Many of these Nekos became the Niko Yârme (Free Neko).

Yamataian Converts

Over the years, millions of NMX Nekovalkyrja have been captured by the Yamatai Star Empire. Many of these prisoners of war have offered their services to the Star Army of Yamatai in hopes of starting a new life that has a familiar military structure and which puts their skills to use. The Star Army sometimes regards these POWs and defectors as political asylum seekers and offers them citizenship in exchange for a term of military service.

Some also became Nepleslian Reds.

YNNX Nekovalkyrja

Former NMX Nekovalkyja in the Yuukan Republic became the Nekosoldat NH-29/YNNX-2.


There are also ex-NMX Nekovalkyrja who have become nationless independent outlaws doing work such as bounty hunting.

OOC Notes

Created by Wes.

Enemy NameNMX Nekovalkyrja
FactionSfrarabla Mishhuvurthyar Nougpift
CategoryLevel 3 - Faction

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