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NMX Ranks

The following page details the ranks of the NMX.

Enlisted troops wear a rank pin over their left chest pocket and (humanoid) officers wear shoulderboards. NMX Officers are mostly Mishhuvurthyar and the NMX Enlisted are mostly Nekovalkyrja. The rank system is fairly simple, with two base ranks for officers and two for enlisted; each base rank has three tiers. The officer ranks are organizational and the enlisted ranks are experience/prowess based.

Grade Image Symbol Rank Name Abbreviation SMX Equivalent
O7 Metallic Gold Shoulder boards with three red stars Fleet Commander (?) FC Elder
O6 Metallic Gold Shoulder boards with two red stars Master Commander MC Overlord
O5 Metallic Gold Shoulder boards with one red star Superior Commander SC
O4 Red shoulder boards with three gold stars Commander CC Lord
O3 Red shoulder boards with two gold stars Master Overseer MO
O2 Red shoulder boards with one gold star Superior Overseer SO
O1 Red shoulder boards Common Overseer CO Overseer
E6 Black shoulder boards with three red stripes Master Elite ME
E5 Black shoulder boards with two red stripes Superior Elite SE
E4 Black shoulder boards with one red stripe Elite EE Elite
E3 Gold “V” on left sleeve Master Fighter MF
E2 Red “V” on left sleeve Superior Fighter SF
E1 No rank markings Common Fighter CF Grunt

The NMX also has an abbreviation for Zombies: ZF. For obvious reasons, Zombies do not wear ranks (or often not even uniforms) and are not eligible for promotions.

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