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NMX Thrall

โ€œThrallโ€ refers to a human cloned by the NMX, which began to appear in large numbers around YE 34, corresponding to the decrease in use of Nekovalkyrja. These humans live short, brutal lives as conscript soldiers and workers of the Mishhuvurthyar.

Creation and Indoctrination

Thralls are either cloned as adults through an accelerated growth process, or born naturally from Thrall parents. Both genders are cloned.

Thralls are born fanatics. Their brains are imprinted with a common mental pattern that includes combat training and a religious indoctrination that:

  • Exhalts the Mishhuvurthyar as superior creator-beings to be obeyed absolutely.
  • Depicts outsiders and nonbelievers as lazy, greedy infidels, who must be destroyed.
  • Gives thralls a belief that life is a trial and performing well in work and battle will be rewarded in heaven.


Males are typically given both working or combat roles and females are primarily relegated to being workers and mothers.

Thralls can enlist in the NMX Army or NMX Navy and serve as a soldier (starting at the rank of Common Fighter). If deployed in combat, they are equipped with a Reaper Power Armor (it is inappropriate and wasteful for unarmored thralls to be used as combatants against enemies with power armor). If a thrall is in the NMX military, he or she is given a slightly higher status than non-military thralls and has potential for rank advancement.

Non-military thralls are common and used for manual labor for building and other simple tasks, and are essentially treated as cattle. Sometimes females are used for reproductive purposes, becoming incubators for Mishhuvurthyar eggs.

Male thralls that perform well are allowed to mate. Any Thrall with behavior or loyalty issues is promptly turned into a Zombie or ground into sausage.


After losing most of their captured Nekovalkyrja cloning centers to the Star Army of Yamatai in YE 34, the NMX military began to look for other easy sources of common troops and labor and found them in some of the many ancient government cloning centers still scattered around the southern regions of space. They started to clone great numbers of humans to exploitโ€ฆ


Thralls tend to be very poor and live in simple accommodations. On planets they build villages with huts built of local materials and underground bunkers to hide in, as they are afraid of attack by Yamataians and other outsiders.

Thrall clothing tends to be very simple and minimal, usually just loincloths, toga-like garments, and tunics, often sitched together from scraps of discarded scrap cloth, bedsheets, blankets, and grain sacks. with rubber sandals made from used tires.

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