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The NMX (New Mishhuvurthyar Military) is the newer of two military arms of the SMN government (the other is the SMX). They've been described as “space Nazi catgirls controlled by Lovecraftian tentacle monstrosities.”


When SMX (Mishhuvurthyar Government Military) withdrew in YE 30, the Mishhuvurthyar race began to rebuild itself, calling itself the “Neo Mishhuvurthyar.” In April YE 31, the NMX launched its initial attacks, starting the Second Mishhuvurthyar War.

After the death of its commander, Sprufnikkamazzar, in YE 33 during the Battle of Yamatai, the NMX began to lose focus and integrity, as his overarching vision of the NMX as a highly professional fighting force was replaced with squabbling and slavery.

About the NMX

The NMX is the SMN's provisional, rebuilt military. It fights alongside the older SMX in its mission to control the galaxy. Members of the NMX are primarily Mishhuvurthyar, some Nekovalkyrja types, or hybrids. These species work together in mixed-species units.


  • The mission of the NMX is to conquer or destroy all enemies of the SMN.


  • No known organization
  • No known territory

Identification and Markings

  • The NMX logo: NMX
  • The NMX's official colors are yellow and red, based on the new SMN flag.
  • NMX Uniforms worn by humanoid soldiers are mustard yellow, khaki, or camouflage patterned. Their Navy wears gray.
    • Since YE 33, it is common for non-combat uniforms to have a yellow band on the hat.
  • NMX starships are a bumpy pinkish brown and rust colored with glowing orange highlights.
  • NMX vehicles are usually a bumpy-patterned tan.



GM Guide for using the NMX in plots


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