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Battle of Yamatai

The Battle of Yamatai (Second Mishhuvurthyar War) was a major NMX offensive on planet Yamatai, capital of the Yamatai Star Empire, launched in 7月 YE 33.


The Battle of Yamatai was preceded by the Second Battle of Nataria. The NMX commander, Sprufnikkamazzar had accurate information that the First Fleet, First Expeditionary Fleet, and Fifth Fleet were away from their home at Yamatai. Additionally, the Ninth Fleet was away on a mission and the Yamatai Central Defense Fleet was missing from the system as well. It appeared that in their move to take Nataria, the Star Army had left the Yamatai system unprotected; however, this was a ruse by Ketsurui Yui. The Nataria system had been taken by fleet ships recovered by YSS Miharu and Yamatai's large defense fleet was actually hiding in the Yamatai system on the surface of its moon. Yui's Gamble

When the NMX entered the system, it would be caught between the defense fleet and the reinforcements from nearby Nataria. The NMX flagship's main weapons were destroyed by Yamataian gunships while the Star Army Legions fought off the planetary invasion forces, including a battle on the outskirts of Kyoto.





Hoshi no Iori was destroyed, wiping out most of Yamatai's farmland.

Additionally, the following civilian locations were razed:


At least 2.5 million citizens dead, with about 2 million troops killed.

Events & History
Event Month.7

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