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YE 28

YE 28 was a year on the Yamataian Calendar. Mishhu forces somehow out-maneuvered the Star Army, and attacked the Tami System, Albini, and Hoshi no Iori systems and threatened Yamatai. Yamatai allowed Nepleslia to secede with three other worlds and declare neutrality, so that it may concentrate its defenses on the remaining systems. The Mishhu were eventually driven back…for a time. They would return in great force in late YE 29.

OOC: YE 28 ran from May 21, 2005 through November 19, 2005.

Notable Events




As the burgeoning government of Nepleslia tries to forge their legitimacy as an independent state, Grand Admiral Davis works long and hard to achieve his ideals for all Nepleslians both in, and out of the public eye. His covert dealings with corporate drug-runners and plans to subvert the Nepleslia treaty, as well as his distaste for criminal organizations has already resulted in an assassination attempt. His family life has taken a backseat, and the Nepleslia Star Army continues to contract for production of fleets under the joint treaty with the Yamatai Star Empire.


Yamatai: The Empress of Yamatai was found dead, in an apperent suicide. Shocking the Empire in a time of great conflict, the Senate ordered a joint investigation, which is currently being formed. Meanwhile, Admiral Yui has proposed another fleet scaledown, cutting the effective number of ships and personnel to smaller fleets, citing larger ones as a 'liability' due to the nature of SMX and other known weaponry.

YSS Sakura

After receiving orders to push into the Galactic southwest, Taisa Rufus discovered a suspicious cargo vessel deep in the warzone. Upon docking with the spacecraft, a firefight vs. Nekos left crewman Nei blinded. One survivor was taken before an SMX fleet destroyed the vessel. Nei was transferred to the YSS Confidence for medical treatment. That evening there was a rancorous game of truth or dare, and the next morning saw a return to duties as the prisoner was soon to be interrogated. While running in stealth, the Sakura came across a formation of SMX ships. Disabling one, their NIWS soon made short work of the inhabitants, and they hastily have surrendered.

YSS Destiny

During the sudden succession of Nepleslia from the Star Empire, the YSS Destiny was the scene of a riotous shift of power. Star Army personnel were allowed to leave the ship. Most of the crew on the YSS Destiny were transferred to the Mesnia Class vessel, the YSS Confidence, now under command of the 5th Expeditionary Fleet.

YSS Mikomi

Ordered to defend the key strategic world of Tami, the Chui in command of this Nozomi class vessel was given a promotion to acting Taisho. When the SMX arrived outnumbering the mostly automatically controlled 4th Fleet the Mikomi commanded, they were cut to shreds. The Mikomi crash landed on Tami, lost some crewmembers, and hardly escaped the orbital nuclear bombardment. When Captain Bowman of the Mikomi was lost, he and crewman Ghi To were picked up by a Zero fleet ship sent after them. The Mikomi is in Tami orbit, damaged and with a single surviving girl.

YSS Celia

Ordered to investigate and open relations with the Phod race of Ohara, Taisho Henry Chen soon discovered the remains of an old Nepleslian freighter, and descendants within the population that could speak perfect English as a result. Removing the damaged reactor from the old vessel on display in the mueseum, the crew of the Third Expeditionary fleet continue to forge relations with the Phods and bring them into the YSE as a member world.

Fifth Expeditionary Fleet (YSS Akuro)

Given initial orders to beat the NSA to colonizing the Galactic Southeast, Vice Admiral Motoyoshi Katsuko was given command of the fleet, including the YSS Akuro as a flagship. Soon after, the YSS Confidence was temporarily assigned under the flag of the 5th Fleet. Making a headquarters in the Taiie system, the Akuro has begun to train armor units in extensive and critical war games and training missions. The 5th XF newest orders are to ascertain, make suggestions, and test new ways to improve and upgrade aging Star Army vessels. A new second in command arrived recently, and is currently situating herself with the YSS-Akuro and the 5th Expeditionary Fleet.

Ships Launched

New Ship Classs

Technologies Released


Products Released

Timeline: Years
OOC Start Date05/21/2005
OOC End Date11/19/2005
Neshaten EoRER 773
ElysianAD 3999
HSC (Poku)747 CY
IromakuanheAR 933.75
Abwehran259 AF - Second Quarter

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