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YSS Destiny

The YSS Destiny was the first of the Destiny-class Colonization Ships. In YE 28, on her first mission, she was overthrown by Nepleslian and renamed NSS Destiny. She is the birthplace of modern Nepleslia. She was commanded by Arild Bard and was flagship of the Fourth Expeditionary Fleet1), consisting of:

Nepleslian Revolution

The ship's reputation was marred by the use of deadly drones against civilian colonists and the sexual assault of a female Star Army of Yamatai officer, Yukisato Mizuho, during the chaos. Bard saw these unfortunate incidents and the loss of the ship as personal failures and was haunted by them until his death on the YSS Valiant's mission to Ahmar.

After the revolution, the NSS Destiny was mothballed and sat unused for nearly five years until she was reactivated in YE 33 to assist in the evacuation of the United Outer Colonies during the Second Mishhuvurthyar War.

YSS Destiny In The Roleplay

The YSS Destiny was a plot ship run by GM Zakalwe. After the Nepleslian revolution, most of the crew was transferred to the YSS Confidence.

Former Star Army Crew

  • Taisa Arild Bard (captain)
  • Fuyutsuki Leiko
  • Telgias Sari2)
  • Chui Jae Nanasen
  • Shoi Kojiro Kagawa
  • Itto Juni Braeden Cormac
  • Heisho Henako Kusaki
  • Itto Heisho Kenda Nall
  • Itto Heisho Kamihoshi Ichiro
  • Nito Heisho Carlos Luera De la Vega
  • Nito Heisho Seekrin Talis
  • Nito Heisho Kusati Hunkoso
  • Joto Hei Renesis Briggs
  • Itto Hei Miro Watsunabe
  • Santo Hei Keiran LaCrosse
  • Santo Hei Robert Brauer

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