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YSS Valiant

YSS Valiant, NG-S2-02, was a Sakura-class Light Gunship in the Star Army of Yamatai's Second Fleet. She was commanded by Arild Bard.

Date entered service: YE 28

YSS Valiant In the Roleplay

The Valiant was a replacement for the YSS Confidence plot and ran concurrently with the YSS Sakura. The Valiant was originally intended for players in the United Kingdom and GMT timezone.

A mission to Ahmar resulted in the death of her captain, Arild Bard.

A “significant portion” of the crew was left on the planet's surface and Taisho Ketsurui Sharie requested that Taisho Motoyoshi Katsuko retrieve them (OOC: Jul 04 2006). This operation was carried out by the Nozomi-class Scouts:

  • NS-X5-12 YSS Yukika
  • NS-X5-01 Nozomi YSS Shiso
  • NS-X5-02 Nozomi YSS Kaichou

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