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Arild Bard

Arild was created by Zakalwe when he was given control of the YSS Destiny in a rather surprise decision based on Zakalwe having designed the ship. Due to poor GMing and a little revolution the ship was lost and he was given control of the YSS Confidence, a Mersina class ship which housed remnants of the Destiny crew. Unfortunately due to the lack of a mission and an trip to Greece caused the plot to be lost. After this Arild was assigned the YSS Valiant, a Sakura class gunship equipped with a NH-18 and after successfully destroying a damaged Mishhu ship with the use of the NH-18 destroyed a few more ships over the planet Ahmar before leading a failed mission down to the surface which led to his death.

Arild Bard
Species: Yamataian
Gender: Male
Age: 48 years
Height: 6'1โ€œ
Weight: 130 lbs
Organization Star Army of Yamatai
Occupation Commander
Rank Shosho
Current Placement Deceased


Hair color and Style:

Arild keeps his hair in a traditional military style haircut, close cut and neat - and makes not attempt to hide the face that his hair is on the silver side of gray. If he's feeling particularly rebellious he might take some hair-jell and ruffle up his hair in such a style that doesn't look that bad.

Build and Skin Color:

Arild's build is more similar to a human than a Yamataian due to his origin, and a human rather than a Geshrin (explained in history, below), but beyond that he has a distinctly Celtic streak. His skin is a little darker than the average European, more like the 'dark people' of the Celts and his build is lithely muscular - but certainly muscular since he has spent most of his life keeping himself in prime condition and resisting the steady march of age. Now he is Yamataian he sees no reason to stop.

Eye Color:

Arild's eyes are a vibrant green-blue which primarily look very lively but occasionally go almost dead if he hits one of his depressed or 'jaded' moods.

Distinguishing Features:

There is something about Arild which marks him out from others - perhaps it is his Celtic heritage, but perhaps there is something about his appearance which was lost in the populations transfer to Geshrin, something reflecting the appearance (even if no longer the genetics) of a true human. He also has a series of scars around his body, the legacy of a long and brutal career which he thinks would be criminal to allow to heal - as much a disrespect to his enemies as to himself.

Psychological Characteristics


Arild's primary personality characteristic will always be he unswerving loyalty to the Empire - with the loss of his family he only had the Empire and gave his life too it. He recognizes that it has faults, indeed that it may have rotten components but none the less he has given his life and indeed his soul to the institution. Decades killing for something will do that for you. Other than this he an immaculate officer - he demands respect, obedience and dedication to duty, but within these limitations he can be a relatively enjoyable person to associate with, enjoying discussion in small groups to large parties. While a soldier, he bears no will to his opponents and respects each of them for whatever strength they showed - this is not to say that he is not forever suspicious of the Elysians (or 'filthy birds' as he is prone to refer to them in an at least slightly jovial fashion). He has after all seen four wars and expects a fifth at some point. Another effect of his long and blood filled career is some fairly passive depression which in the past came out in full force after the loss of the Destiny - it is unknown how this will show itself upon his pending resurrection.


Combat, a strong opponent, conversation, a strong drink, story-telling. The Empire.


Cowardice, savagery, diplomacy (when he's doing it), disrespect and incompetence. Elysians - to a degree.


To serve the empire to the height of his ability.


Arild was born previous to the formation of the empire but gave himself completely to it, joining on his 18th Birthday in YE 01. He went through training well and was serving in space when the great Plague hit - once he returned to Yamatai only to find that all of his family, along with all of his friends (for one reason or another he had made few 'friends' in training) slain by a particularly virulent outbreak. Having been spared the plague himself he remained in his human body for the next four decades, feeling that it helped him feel connected with his lost life - he threw himself into his work and performed with some skill in almost all major engagements Yamatai fought - including in all four of the Elysian Wars, soon gaining control of ships. In YE 27 he was surprised in being given control of the Destiny class Colony ship, an enormous honor which he could hardly believe he had been given. Unfortunatly a freak sabotage by a disembodied mind and a brilliantly planned mutiny with military-grade equipment wrested the command from him and led to him being assigned a single Cruiser - which he considered to be a deliberate (although not entirely undeserved) snub. It was at this point that he began to drown his sorrows in alcohol, and although he bonded well with his crew he was soon reassigned to a smaller ship, albeit carrying a dangerous new weapon - the NH-18. The Valiant began with notable success, which included releasing the NH-18 upon a Mishhu ship - resulting in the complete slaughter of all of its inhabitants, as well as a lightning fast assault on three ships orbiting Ahmar. Unfortunately this was followed by a trip to the surface in which the crew of the Valiant was attacked by hoards of Mishhu - retreating to the caves they made a failed attempt to deal with the natives before the entire complex was destroyed - including Arild.

In late YE 27 his body was recovered and his remains were buried in the Nataria Cemetery.

Character Data
Character NameArild Bard
Character OwnerZakalwe
Character StatusPermanently Retired Character
Current LocationNataria Cemetery
Star Army Personnel Database
SAOY Career StatusKIA
SAOY RankShรดshรด
SAOY AssignmentNataria Cemetery

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