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YSS Confidence

YSS Confidence, ND-X1-435, was a NovaCorp-built Mersina-Class (PNUgen Variant) starship.

Her mission was “to locate and again the support of alien peoples.”

YSS Confidence In Roleplay

YSS Confidence was a short-lived plot ship commanded by Arild Bard and GMed by Zakalwe. The plot was created after the Nepleslian revolution.

The YSS Confidence was preceded by the YSS Destiny plot and succeeded by the YSS Valiant and YSS Mikomi plots. It began in August 2005 and ended October 2005.

The Mikomi and Confidence participated in a joint mission involving a mutiny aboard the YSS Akuro.

Crew Members

The following personnel received orders to the YSS Confidence:

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