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YSS Yukika

YSS Yukika, NS-X5-12, was a Nozomi-class Scout ship in the Fifth Expeditionary Fleet. The Yukika was built by Ketsurui Fleet Yards in YE 28 and served as a training ship.

She was commanded by Shoi Corro Aldrich (from Dec 22 2005 to January 17, 2006), Chui Murasaki Aoiko (from January 17, 2006 until her transfer to command of the YSS Akuro II (NF-X5-02) on June 02, 2006, and later by Taii Kotone Megumi.

Yukika In The Roleplay

The YSS Yukika was the setting for a plot ship.

On July 06, 2006, the Yukika received orders to rescue crew members stranded by the YSS Valiant in the Ahmar System, along with YSS Shiso NS-X5-01 and YSS Kaichou NS-X5-02.

The Yukika explored the Murf System.

Former Crew Members

  • Akira Aganata (Engineer)
  • Corro Adlich (Command)
  • Murasaki Aoiko (Acting first officer and later commanding officer)
  • Izusuhara Hikomaru (Tactical Officer)
  • Kimura Jatsu (Communications Technician)
  • Kotone Megumi
  • Roger Kard (Engineer)
  • Soga Suika (Starship Operations)
  • Takeda Tachiko (Chief Medical Officer)

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