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Horizon-class Colony Ship

At the time, the Horizon-class Colony Ship was one of the largest ships Ketsurui Fleet Yards had built. Designed to meet the needs of both the Star Army of Yamatai and several other nations, the massive vessel can comfortably move up to twenty thousand people from one world to their new home. The first of the class was the YSS Horizon.

Its main competitor was NovaCorp's Destiny-class Colonization Ship.

In YE 28 the Katsuko Project was initiated with the aim of replacing the aging Horizon-class and Destiny-class ships, which resulted in the design of the Hummingbird-class Colony Ship.

Ships of Class

  • YL-601 YSS Horizon
  • YS-602
  • YL-603
  • YL-604
  • YL-605
  • YL-606
  • YL-607
  • YL-608 YSS Asari/YSS Nishtama (Was in Galaxy Expeditionary Group, later became Nishitama)
  • YL-609 (given to Elysia)
  • YL-610 (given to Elysia)
  • YL-611 (given to Elysia)
  • YL-612
  • YL-613
  • YL-614
  • YL-615
  • YL-616
  • YL-617
  • YL-618
  • YL-619
  • YL-620

At least one of the above ships were given to the Occhestan Republic in YE 29 to help their people escape from Lor.

New Standard Speeds

Cat Starship Type Sublight Engines Distortion Field Hyperspace Drive
5 Cargo and Service Ships .25c (~74,948 kilometers per second) 12,500c (~1.43 ly/h) 394,470c (0.75 ly/m)

Old Stats

Ketsurui Fleet Yards Ki-L2-1
Horizon-Class Colony Ship

Background and History
The highly anticipated Horizon-Class is one of the largest ships Ketsurui Fleet Yards has built so far. Designed to meet the needs of both the Star Army of Yamatai and several other nations, the massive vessel can comfortably move up to twenty thousand people from one world to their new home.

Objectives of the Horizon:
1. To support 25,000 people.
2. To provide civilian-style living and commercial areas for 20,000.
3. To be capable of long-term independent operations (years).
4. To provide docking facilities for military escort ships.

Advantages of the Horizon: Capacity
Disadvantages: Not designed for military operations.

General Statistics
Government: Yamatai Star Empire and other nations
Ship Type: Logistics Craft
Ship Class: Ki-L2-1a Basic Colony Ship
Manufacturer: Ketsurui Fleet Yards' Luna Bianca Lunar Shipyards
Production Runs: None at this time

Recommended Crew: 249
012 Command Staff (Captain, First officer, etc.)
072 Command Support Staff (Includes bridge crew)
150 Technicians
015 Crew Support Staff (Medical)
Can support 20,000 colonists.

Length: 5000m
Width: 1500m
Height: 1500m
Weight: 84,370,000 tons
Decks: 500

Propulsion Systems
Main Power System: 7 KiP-sh2435zp Superheavy Zero-Point Generators
Aux Power System: 8 KiP-sh2436am Anti-Matter Reactors
Emergency Power System: Solar Panels
FTL Propulsion: KiE-sh2437cdd Continuum Distortion Drive
Sub-light Propulsion: 9 KiE-sh2438i/g Ion/Graviton Engines
Anti-Gravity System, Internal: 5 KiFRS-sh2439ag(i) Force Stabilizer
Cooling System: KiC-sh2440 Energy Displacement System

Speed (CDD): ~10,000c
Speed (Sublight): 0.25c
Speed (Atmospheric): N/A (Not designed to land or enter planetary atmosphere).

Weapon Systems
None installed at this time.

Ki-T1 Light Transport Shuttlecraft (10):
The Ki-T1 shuttle is the main method of transferring people from ship to ship. It can quickly be launched to get the mission done. The Ki-T1 does not have the ability to travel FTL, and is unarmed. It is capable of atmospheric landing, but is not designed for aerial maneuvering.

    Primary Purpose: Ship-to-Ship Transport
    Secondary Purpose: Escape Pod
    Range: 2 days of travel
    Speed: .10c (150mph in atmosphere)
    Load Capacity: 4 personnel with gear or 1 person with cargo.
    Weapons: None
    Systems: Anti-Gravity, Communications, Shields (weak).

Ki-N1 Transport Ship (6): (See link)

Fighters: None assigned, but contains support facilities for up to 120 average-sized starfighters.

Interior Data
Inside the giant ship, there is a small city, with 200-story skyscrapers, malls, parks, and everything a regular civilian city should and would have. The lower 300 decks are primarily used for storage and systems, while much of the upper part of the ship is left open, with a built-in environmental system that simulates weather.

Systems of Note
Armor: The hull of the colony ship is armored with a fairly thick alloy plating. In addition, Horizons can spray a 50cm-thick coat of heavy armor over the entire hull of the ship, including areas normally exposed such as the CDD, thrusters, and sensors. When the armor takes damage, it flakes away in a controlled manner (ablation), absorbing the destructive force.

Escape Pods: 4000 generic escape pods (made by Geshrin Shipyards), each able to hold up to five people, are located along the hull of the ship. They are capable of sustaining life for 72 hours. The pods also have a stasis function, and can support their occupants in stasis for roughly a year. Each pod contains an automatic homing device that activates when the pod is launched. The pods will automatically put themselves into a safe (but rough) descent if there is a planet nearby (rather than burning up in the atmosphere).

Graviton Beam Projectors (20): This device creates a stream of gravitons which can be used to tow other spacecraft. The projector is ineffective against ships using gravitonic shielding.

Lift System: The lift provides quick access to all over the ship. The lift can also be used to travel to other ships when vessels link together (most Star Army ships have standard gauges of lift systems, allowing lift cars to move from ship to ship). The lift system of the Horizon include the standard personnel-gauge lifts as well as several heavy lift shafts. The heavy elevators can lift up to 500 tons.

Shielding Systems: The Horizon defends itself against interstellar dust, meteorites, and to an extent, against attacks by hostile space forces by using an asymmetric peristaltic field. This field warps the space around the ship, forcing incoming energy or objects to 'move around' the Horizon, because they are actually passing through a spatial distortion.

Recycling Systems: The ship can recycle its air and water supplies for up to 10 years before needing replenishment. As far as food goes, once the supplies run out (the ship can carry a huge stockpile that will last up to two years), the only food will be a recycled nutrient goo that tastes like apricots. The goo (which KFY engineers nicknamed "ambrosia") is supposed to be edible for 3 years, and can be fried, dehydrated, and manipulated to simulate real foods (yeah, right).  An agricultural ship might be a good idea for multi-year journeys.

OOC Notes

Star Army Logistics
Supply ClassificationClass A - STARSHIPS
First UsedYE 24

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