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Jilanth T2 Military Shuttle

The Jilanth T2 Military Shuttle is a large, long-range military shuttle produced by NovaCorp beginning in YE 28.

A large part of the shuttle is given over the engines, creating bulges around the ship and it has reasonable defensive and offensive abilities.

NovaCorp Logo A TC Company

The original sales price of the Jilanth was 20,000 KS (later reduced to 18,000) with some production models being 25,000 KS1). Nowadays they can be found for 6000 KS in the Star Army Surplus Store.

History and Background

Hearing complaints that there were not enough shuttles that could travel an sufficient speed to reach ships on the fringes of Yamataian territory, in YE 28 NovaCorp designed and put into production the Jilanth Military Shuttle, equipped with a hyperspace fold drive to allow it to reach the furthest areas of the empire quickly.

The Star Army began using the Jilanth in YE 28.

Upon the rising population of the Jilanth shuttle, and its wide use by both NovaCorp, the Star Army of Yamatai and several other concerns who reached private deals with NovaCorp, it was seen as a good idea to open up the market so that most companies and private individuals could purchase one.

The Jilanth continued to serve in the Star Army until in YE 30 it was phased out in favor of the Ke-T7 "Raccoon" Transport Shuttle for many reasons, such as size and cargo capacity.

Just when the Jilanth's career seemed to be at an end, the United Outer Colonies seceded. The Star Army demanded the return of all its equipment and the UOC was forced to comply. No longer able to access the T7 Raccoon, the United Outer Colonies Peacekeeping Forces turned to NovaCorp's Jilanth to be their standard shuttle on ships such as the Asuka-class Scout.

After the fall of the UOC, remaining Jilanth shuttles have mainly been used by independent travelers and adventurers. They can be purchased at places like the Star Army Surplus Store.

A large number of Jilanth shuttles was also donated by Yamatai to the Elysian Naval Arsenal.

Dimensions and Crew Complement

Organizations Using This Vessel:

  • Type: Military Ranged Shuttle
  • Class: Jilanth
  • Designer: NovaCorp research and production divisions
  • Manufacturer: NovaCorp shipyards
  • Nomenclature: No-T2-1a
  • Production: Significant

Crew: 2 Maximum Capacity: 2 pilots, 8 people combat gear and 2 people with heavy combat gear (Lamia M1 Space Mecha, machine guns) Appearance: A smoothed rectangle, with curved rectangular bulges around it which house the Hyperspace Fold Drive

  • Length: 20 m
  • Width: 8m
  • Height: 7m
  • Decks: 1

Performance Statistics

Category Type Class Sublight Engines Distortion Field Hyperspace Drive
7 Fast Shuttle Jilanth .375c 18,750c (~2.14 ly/h) 262,980c (0.50 ly/m)

Speed (Aerial): Mach 5 Speed (Water): Mach 1

Range (Distance): Unlimited since it uses an aetheric power source Range (Support): Effectively unlimited due to the extremely efficient recycling systems Lifespan: 25 years Refit Cycle: The Jilanth does not need to be refitted, however it is recommended that it is looked over after a long journey

Inside the Jilanth

Pilot’s compartment: The Pilot’s compartment is a complex cockpit with a large view screen and two comfortable chairs with a soft and hard bio-neural interface. The controls are in the form of a panel surrounding the chairs, and take the form of touch-sensitive illuminated panels set into a console. The weapon systems are controlled by the second pilot when on manual. The floor has a thin, black carpet and the colour design on the walls is by default black with thin red lines. In the corner there is a weapon locker with room for four rifles and eight pistols - locked by a magnetic sealing system which opens using a key-card.

Passenger compartment: A line of seats down the side of the walls is where 8 of the people sit, there is a gap for two suits of Lamia power armor or their equivalent. Each of these seats is composed of a high comfort advanced foam material and reclines to form a sleeping surface when required. Above the seats are overhead storage compartments which are magnetically sealed and opened by pressing the button in the center of each compartment. Within this compartment there is an inbuilt music player (controlled ultimately by the pilot, although it takes spoken requests from its data bank) as well as variable level lights in order to allow sleep if required. There is a dark blue carpet on the floor and the walls are designed with light blue thin stripes on a dark blue background.

Storage compartment: For the more long term storage, these two compartments are on either side of the passenger compartment and at the back. On the right coming in through the hatch.

Ship Systems

Hull: The hull is made of carbon-ring, with perfect diamond plating. This grants the hull a defense rating of 5.

Hatch: The hatch entrance to the Jilanth is air-tight, meaning that air will not escape, even in a vacuum. It is opened by a hit pad on the side of the hatch.

Shields: The energy shields on the Jilanth are reasonably powerful, capable of taking reasonable punishment. There is a secondary “intelligent” shield system, as powerful as the first, which re-enforces the area of the shields which are taking the most punishment, are about to be hit, or are weakest, greatly strengthening the overall strength of the shields. Defense level 5.

Environmental Systems:

Air Recycling System: The air recycling system is efficient, and air only needs to be replaced every two months.

Food dispenser: The food dispenser carries enough food to feed five people for two months. The food is not interesting, but nutritious and filling.

Sensor and Computer Systems: The Jilanth is equipped with powerful sensor systems, and a computer capable of navigating, and auto-piloting.

Communications: The Jilanth has subspace, hyperspace, radio and laser communication.

Weapons: HEX weapon (5): High Energy Xaser weapon. These modules fire powerful Xaser beams, with great penetration power, especially damaging to organics. They are fired either by the computer or the co-pilot.

  • Location: Two modules on the top of the ship
  • Primary Purpose: Ant-star fighter
  • Secondary Purpose: Anti-mecha
  • Damage: Medium (Tier 5 or Tier 6, Medium Anti-Armor or Heavy Anti-Armor (FIXME: Staff needs to determine which))
  • Range: 20,000 km
  • Rate of Fire: 1 seconds between three second beams
  • Payload Effectively unlimited as long as the power source is functioning.
Products & Items Database
Product Categoriessmall craft
Product NameJilanth
Year ReleasedYE 28
Year DiscontinuedYE 30
Price (KS)6 ,000.00 KS
Star Army Logistics
Supply ClassificationClass B - SMALL CRAFT
First UsedYE 28
Last ReviewYE 30
Year RetiredYE 30

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