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United Outer Colonies Peacekeeping Forces

The UOCPF were the defensive and peacekeeping forces of the United Outer Colonies as described in the Peacekeeper Charter of YE 30. The UOCPF was absorbed into the Star Army of Yamatai and other factions when the UOC collapsed in YE 33.


A Peacekeeper above all else is a citizen of the United Outer Colonies who truly believes in the nation they serve. To protect and maintain the freedoms granted to their fellow citizens from any force which threatens them or their sovereignty. A Peacekeeper is a model citizen, a citizen of not only the colonies but the entire intergalactic community. They are the outstretched hand of the compassion which burns in the hearts of those who they represent, willing to stop at nothing to answer a cry for help in the night. โ€“ Grand Peacekeeper Motoyoshi Kiyoko

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