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Eli Destin

Eli Destin is a Caelisolan in the Star Army of Yamatai. Eli is a player character created by Zonr 0 and is currently in NPC status.

Eli Destin
Eli Destin
Species: Caelisolan
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Height: 1.8 meters (6'0)
Weight: 51 km (114 lb)
Organization: Star Army of Yamatai
Occupation: 06A Information Technology
Rank: Santô Hei Santô Hei
Current Placement: Elysian Naval Arsenal
Character Theme Xenosaga 2 OST, opening incidental

Physical Characteristics

  • Height: 1.8 meters (6'0)
  • Mass: 51 km (114 lb)
  • Measurements: Wingspan just short of 3 meters (about 9 and a half feet)

Build and Skin Color: A typical Caelisolan frame: although appearing to be slender and slight of build, he possesses significant bodily strength. His complexion is rather pale, but not dramatically different from a human of Caucasian descent. Similarly, his wings are almost pure white and seem well formed. The combined effect along with his hair when undyed tends to give him somewhat of a washed out appearance if he doesn't take care with his clothing choices.

Eyes and Facial Features: He has brilliant green eyes set in an angled but mildly androgynous face with a regal sensibility. The relative lack of color in the rest of his facial features makes the color of his eyes stand out even more.

Ears: Normal human-like ears.

Hair Color and Style: Eli has white hair that matches the color of his wings. It is cut short and he tries to take the time each day to present it in a carefully controlled mess. In order to try to add some color to his otherwise pale profile, he has added some soft and faintly visible red highlights through his hair.

Distinguishing Features:

Psychological Characteristics

Personality: Although Eli has a tendency to perform honorable acts simply for gaining honor, he is a generally kind and upstanding person. Like many other Elysians, he is deferential to authority and has a strong sense of duty. However, in a departure from many of his contemporaries, he seems to show far fewer xenophobic tendencies, and in fact takes delight in learning new things about others. Additionally, although typically rather private about his religious views, he takes a liberal interpretation of many tenets.

He is quick with a smile or a kind word and slow to anger, but displays a single-minded fury when his temper is awoken. His biggest flaws are likely his quiet hubris and pride, which manifests internally as a tendency towards overconfidence. He tends to see any perceived personal failing or lackluster performance to be unacceptable and will sometimes overwork himself to improve the area he feels he is lacking in.

Nevertheless, he is not given boastfulness or showboating, and overall seems to be a pleasant person to get along with. He usually attempts to present himself as professional, stoic, and aloof, particularly with people he doesn't know well. He strives to behave as the ideal soldier should, particular in front of superior officers. However, once he warms up, he is typically easy to talk to and quick with a kind or supportive word.

  • Likes: Doing honorable things, fighting NMX, exploring, his sister, programming, viewing new art, unfamiliar cultures, being appreciated and useful, athletic activities (particularly friendly sparring and running), meeting a challenge or stronger opponent head-on, Yamataian confections.
  • Dislikes: being stumped, making mistakes, under-performing, people messing with his wings, talking about his brother or his life in Elysia Novus, disrespect to duty or authority, cheating or taking the easy way out.
  • Goals: Gain honor for his family, find a cause to believe in and experience the universe outside of home.


Family (or Creators)

Father (Deceased): Luxal

Mother: Amber

Younger Sister: Abigail

Older Brother (Deceased): Brasus


Eli grew up as a normal Plebian boy on Elysia Novus with a penchant for trouble that got him in severe trouble more than once with the strict Elysian hierarchy. Although his father disapproved of his antics, he always assumed he would grow out of it and was otherwise proud of Eli and his exemplary performance in school. So despite the occasional friction with authority, he had a very strong bond with his family, especially with his older brother. Brasus was the pride of the family: the excellent grades of Eli without the trouble-making, the athletic prowess, and even the rare plebian capability of limited flight made him well respected in the local community. Eli looked up to Brasus and shadowed him almost everywhere. Thanks to Brasus, the family were some of the earlier Caelisolans.

Things changed after the NMX invasions when both Eli's father and Brasus were killed. This was devastating for the family, and Eli was crushed at the loss of his brother and his hero. He felt like he personally had to fill his brother's place: he went from cheekily flaunting authority to revering it and he began to question everything he did to ensure it was for duty and honor. However, despite his best efforts, he just couldn't seem to step out of the shadow of his brother, he tried to be good at everything his brother was good at, but at his best he was just compared to Brasus. He started gradually spending more time withdrawn from Elysian society, finding an interest in computers and other places and a newly formed bond with his sister.

Eventually, he began to feel like he would never escape the shadow of his brother or be able to continue his legacy and so shortly before his 18th birthday, he decided to enlist in the Star Army of Yamatai.

Aeon Assignment

Eli was assigned to the YSS Aeon and with great anxiety he met with Taisa Ise Katae. There he expressed a desire to begin working and training as an IT specialist. He admitted to great pride in his race and while admitting a sense of superiority over the race of Yamatai, he assured the Taisa that he was much more accepting than his contemporaries and that he would have no trouble interacting with the crew. He finished the interview and was assigned a cabin, rooming with Yoshiro Tanaka.

Shortly after, he volunteered to assist in translation efforts for the Aeon's stranded alien guest, Kata'Nova. In the process, he met the neko Freyja Oinari and they quickly established a rapport. Their newly formed friendship was quickly tempered into a strong bond as Kata' collapsed from old injuries and Eli exposed himself to unknown pathogens.

In the space of just over an hour, the two discovered an infatuation for each other, and despite Eli's strong sense of conflict with his culture, people, and honor he decided to explore it for the time being.

Elysian Naval Arsenal

In YE 41, Eli was assigned as the primary secretary for the Elysian Naval Arsenal on Keren III in the Keran Star System.



Eli is familiar with basic radio operation and standard operating procedures regarding them between various elements of an army. His native language is Seraphim and he is fluent in Nepleslian and Yamataian. He can speak and write them well. He is familiar with some of the basic tenets of cryptography including a few simple ciphers and the rough idea of some common encryption algorithms. As a Caelisolan, he is capable of telepathy at distances up to 1 kilometer.


Eli has always enjoyed friendly sparring of different types and as always is eager to learn new techniques. Consequently, he has a competent amateur grasp of Pankration and has dabbled lightly with other martial arts from a variety of cultures. In addition thanks to Yamatai army basic training he is familiar with more modern hand-to-hand combat techniques and a variety of common weapons including energy pistols, rifles, grenades, knives, and power armor. In particular, he is trained in use of an MCAS power suit with the M10 paladin core.

Technology Operation

Eli loves working with computers, technology, and information and thus has a strong grasp in this area. In addition to a commanding use of the Kessaku OS, He has completed a few small sized programming projects for himself. He has a rough understanding of some basic security concepts.


Eli has always done well at school and is competent in logic, lower levels of calculus and a solid foundation of higher level concepts involved in discrete mathematics and linear algebra.


Well formed wings and a Caelisolan body mean that Eli is physically capable. Even before basic training, Eli led an active life, participating in several local favorite sports regularly including armored running, Pankration, and shooting. With his well developed wings, if given enough adrenaline he can fly for a few seconds in normal gravity environments, but otherwise he is much more suited to gliding and prefers to do so if necessary. In zero gravity environments, he is is less capable since he had very little experience with it before basic training. He is mostly competent, but has yet to really get his 'space-legs'.

Art & Vocations

Eli has at various times attempted the visual arts with painting, sculpting, and sketching. To his chagrin, they never seem to turn out very well, but he enjoys the attempts regardless. Despite his lack of talent, he has a strong grasp of artistic theory and a wide exposure to different artists both classical and modern and can give a rough appraisal of an work's origin and value. Like most Elysians, he has a strong regard for aesthetic sense.


Eli holds an unusual interest in other races for an Elysian and enjoys studying other cultures in his own time. Although he of course still gets things wrong with an Elysian upbringing, he demonstrates an aptitude and penchant for understanding and empathizing with other cultures, people, and beliefs that is unusual for his race. Whether or not he still believes his own culture is still superior or not is something he remains conspicuously quiet on.


Eli Destin has the following items:

Personal Items
  • Four Personal Outfits
    • Two in Yamataian style, formal and casual
    • Two in Elysian style, formal and casual
  • Books
    • A Seraphim to Yamataian pocket Dictionary
    • An anthology of Elysian poetry
    • An Elysian novel
    • An old and well worn copy of a piece of popular Yamataian fiction
    • A field manual for the MC-10 Paladin Core
  • Music recordings of various Elysian genres
  • Photos in a small cycling digital display
    • A recent picture of his family shortly after enlistment.
    • An older picture with the whole family before the NMX invasions.
    • A beautiful picture of Elysian countryside
    • A picturesque skyline of the city of Elysia Novus
  • Art and writing supplies
    • A small set of pencils, charcoal, and erasers for both writing and drawing
    • A small set of water colors.
    • A sketchpad, and a small leather-bound journal with writing already scrawled in it.
  • Elysian grooming supplies
    • Various implements for personal hygiene and care of wings.
Standard Issue Equipment


Eli Destin is currently a Santô Hei in the Star Army of Yamatai. He draws a monthly salary of 221 KS.

Total Savings Addition Subtraction Reason
3000 KS Starting Funds
2500 KS 500 Music recordings and art supplies (per GM instruction)

OOC Discussion

A thousand thanks to Aendri for help with Elysian culture and general character advice.

Character Data
Character NameEli Destin
Character OwnerZonr 0
Character StatusNPC Available for GM or FM use
Approval Thread…
Star Army Personnel Database
SAOY Career StatusActive Duty
SAOY RankSantô Hei
SAOY OccupationStar Army Information Technology
SAOY AssignmentElysian Naval Arsenal

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