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Star Army Science Scanner, Type 31

The Ke-G1-1a represents the very latest in hand held science scanner; it became available in YE 31. It was replaced by the Star Army Science Pad and Kit Type 43.

Price: 150 KS (sold only to the Star Army).


Ketsurui Zaibatsu began research on the Ke-G1-1a scanner during the later part of YE 30 to develop a more robust, versatile tool for Star Army Science Officer personnel.


The Ke-G1 Science Scanner is a hand held user configurable unit. By attaching different scanner attachments, the unit can perform different types of scan.


The Scanner has a dark gray rectangular body, with a tapered section on the top. The top section is where the scanner modules are inserted for use. There is a touch screen display present on the front; image shows the display's test pattern.

Statistical Data



  • Length: 20.6cm (8.5in) or 24cm (9.45in) with scanner attachment
  • Height: 4.57cm (1.8in)
  • Width: 11cm (4.5in)


The scanner is shown here with the power cell partially ejected, and with the emission module inserted. The mode switch is also visible.

  • Ruggedized carbon fiber body construction
  • Quantum computer processor
  • Touch screen display
  • Connectivity to Star Army Communicator, Type 29 for data upload
  • Rechargeable power cell good for 12 hours of operation
  • Data storage capacity of 100 TB of sensor data
  • Psionic data link to allow digital-brains to interface with the unit directly


The scanner is shown sideways, it has a three position mode switch. The positions are Off, Standby, and Operate. The Scanner must be either off or in standby to safely change the scanner unit.

Scanner units

The scanner units are identical physically on the outside, but they are color coded for quick identification.


Length: 4.95cm (1.95in) Height: 1.9cm (.75in) Width: 7.6cm (3in)

Ke-G1-E3100 - Life Form Scanner

This unit allows the user to detect and identify various life forms within its range. It can not be used as diagnostic tool. Depending on the setting this scanner has different functions and ranges.

  • Basic setting provides the most basic scan detecting that life forms are present. Range: 50 meters omnidirectional
  • Filter setting allows the operator to filter out life forms based on class from simple organisms to more complex. This mode will actually attempt identify the life forms present, by comparing the signatures to known values. Range: 100 meters omnidirectional.
  • Advanced mode increases the range of the scanner because user selects a specific type/class of life form for the scanner to search for. Range: 1000 meters directional only.

Note: The scanner results can be affected by circumstances, for example a life form in a hibernation or stasis state. Nor can the scanner identify a single individual, unless that person has a unique physiology and it is stored in the scanner.

Ke-G1-E3101 - Chemical Scanner

This unit is designed to provide a chemical or structural analysis of material.

  • Gaseous - when selected the scanner performs an analysis of gases. In basic mode it analyzes the atmosphere. It identifies the chemical composition, and pressure. Advanced mode is for analyzing a gas that is being vented. The scanner must be placed within 10 centimeters of the gas to get an analysis.
  • Liquid - The scanner must be held within 5 centimeters of the liquid to be scanned.

Ke-G1-E3102 - Emission Scanner

This scanner is designed to detect different types of energy emissions.

  • Electromagnetic - when selected the scanner can detect and identify EM signals, providing, the wavelength, frequency, and signal strength. It can also be set to locate the source of the emission.
  • Ionizing Radiation - when selected the scanner can detect and identify the following particles: alpha particles, beta particles, and neutrons. It can also detect radiation on the short wavelength end of the electromagnetic spectrum namely ultraviolet, x-rays, and gamma rays. In addition to identifying the type of radiation it can determine the level present.
  • Light Spectrum - when selected the scanner can detect and identify light ranging from infrared through the visible spectrum and ultraviolet. It can be set to scan for a particular band of light, or to identify what bands of light are present, and how strong.

Ke-G1-E3103 - Scalar Scanner

This scanner is a compact version of the Universally Networked Scalar Array Field Emitter which is tuned to emit and react to specific forms of radiant energy, directed energy and electromagnetic field effects. Using the scanners internal computer processor to analyze the data returned from the scalar field generator, it can perform a wide variety of active and passive scans, including:

  • Transmissive, Scanning and Reflective Electron Imaging
  • Indirect (laser-reflective) Kinetic Imaging (SONAR, tectonic, motion-sensing)
  • It performs subatomic materials analysis and detect many types of femtomechanical devices

Functional Specifications

  • The maximum effective range is approximately 10 meters.
  • Maximum scannable volume approximately 30 cubic meters.


Ke-G1-M3100 - Carrying case

This leather case is designed to hold the scanner, all four modules, and one extra power cell. The carrying case can be worn attached to the user's belt, or using the supplied shoulder strap.

Ke-G1-P3100 - Power cell

This is the power cell that the scanner operates on. It can supply the unit with power for up to twelve hours of continuous use.

Ke-G1-P3101 - Recharging stand

The charging station has two receptacles, one to put the scanner in and one for charging the Ke-G1-P3100 alone. When connected to a standard power connection it can recharge the Ke-G1-P3100 in 1 hour. It also has a solar voltaic panel that can charge the power cell in three hours for use in the field.

OOC Notes

Authored by Nashoba and approved by Wes on May 23, 20091)

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Product Categorieselectronics, scientific
Product NameScience Scanner
ManufacturerKetsurui Zaibatsu
Year ReleasedYE 31
Price (KS)150.00 KS

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