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Star Army Communicator, Type 29

The Type 29 Communicator is the latest in a series of portable communications device manufactured by Kessaku Systems for use by the Star Army of Yamatai. While there have been other communicators used in service before, this one is distinctive in that it is the first one to be promoted for use in the Star Army as a whole.

The communicator is a small handheld device that measures a mere 8cm tall and 4.5 cm wide when folded and just 2cm thick. It uses a flip open design similar to that of a 21st-century cell phone. Its case is available in glossy black, white, gunmetal gray (matching the Type 28 and 29 NSP), and even in 18k gold (for ceremonial uniforms). It is rugged and durable, designed to function in mud, ice, scorching heat, underwater, and even in space.

The communicator comes with a pouch for attachment to a standard belt, but also features a clip on its back. Its internal, rechargeable battery lasts up to a month of constant use and is recharged in a half-hour by its small desktop docking station.


  • Secure wireless communication in subspace, radio, and telepathy
  • Audio communications (speaker and microphone)
  • Text messaging
  • Hi-resolution photo and video recording and playback
  • Real-time translation of all major languages and dialects
  • Psionic Signal Control
  • Can be operated by encrypted telepathy or by operator's voice
  • Easy, secure, reliable wireless networking with starships, shuttles, power armors, headsets, pistols, and scanners.
  • Music and games


Communicator in Black

Communicator in Gray

Communicator in White

Communicator open

Communicator with camera open flipped up

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