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Star Army Survival Kit, Type 31

The Type 31 Survival Kit is designed to enable Star Army of Yamatai troops to survive more easily in situations where they are stranded or have limited supplies. It replaced the older WickedArms TA-17 Survival Kit.

31A Standard Size

The standard size survival kit is contained in a waterproof Type 31 Backpack. It is designed for use by one or two soldiers.

  • Bandana, Camouflage
  • Liquid body soap
  • Pressure Dressing in sealed sterile packet
  • Sanitary wipes
  • Shampoo
  • Sponge
  • Towels and washcloths (2 each)
  • Tube of insect repellent
  • Tube of sunscreen
  • Tweezers

Multi-Purpose Tools

  • 20 meters of high-strength cord
  • 20 meters of snare wire
  • Tape, reinforced adhesive, black (found only in kits produced or updated since spring YE 32)
  • Wire blade saw
  • Wrist watch with built-in altimeter, calendar, chronometer, clock, compass, voice recorder, and backlight; motion powered. Lasts 10+ years.

Shelter and Warmth

  • 2 reversible ponchos, neon yellow-green/camouflage
  • 5 plastic trash bags
  • 5 resealable 1-liter plastic bags
  • Fire starter kit (in a sealed red plastic bag):
    • 1 Artificial fire log
    • All-weather shockproof, wind-proof lighter
    • Sealed pack of cotton balls smeared with petroleum jelly


  • Flare gun (3 shells)
  • 2-way subspace radio set with rescue beacon function and flashing beacon light
  • 10 neon yellow-green glow sticks
  • Neon yellow-green marking tape
  • Signal mirror
  • Whistle with lanyard


  • 2 grease pencils, 2 waterproof markers
  • Pad of waterproof writing paper

31B Large Size

The Large size kit is contained in a reinforced synthetic trunk and is intended for storage in vehicles like the Type 30 Surface Terrain Vehicle. In addition to the items found in the standard size it contains:

31C Sea Survival Kit

The Sea Survival Kit (SSK) is stored in a blue-colored Type 31 Backpack marked “SEA SURVIVAL KIT” and is found on starships and small craft in the Star Army that operate over large bodies of water. The kit is a supplemental kit designed for use with the standard survival kit. It floats.

  • 2-person inflatable raft, self-inflating, neon green, with repair kit and two short paddles
  • 2 Neon green blankets, quick drying
  • 2 Neon green life preserver jackets with strobe light beacons and radio locator beacons
  • 2 Sun shade hats (white)
  • 5 resealable 1-liter plastic bags
  • Bucket and sponge
  • Flare gun (with 9 shells)
  • Fluorescent sea marking dye
  • Water purification canister (equivalent to SDI Water Filtration Device)

31D Desert Survival Kit

The Desert Survival Kit (DSK) became available in the summer of YE 33. It is stored in a sand-colored Type 31 Backpack marked “DESERT SURVIVAL KIT.” It is meant to be used in conjunction with a standard survival kit, not as a standalone.

  • Lightweight sun shelter
    • Folding poles
    • Shade, double sided (One side is neon orange and stenciled HELP in reflective white. The other is a digital desert camouflage)
    • Tent stakes to secure the shelter against wind.
    • Mallet
    • 2 Folding stools, small
  • 6 2-liter Jerrycan Jugs of Water
  • 2 Sun shade hats (white)
  • Tube of sunblock
  • 5 resealable 1-liter plastic bags
  • Water purification canister (equivalent to SDI Water Filtration Device)
  • 2-way subspace radio set with rescue beacon function and flashing beacon light
  • Solar charger unit

31E Exo-Atmospheric Survival Kit

This kit is designed for use in space. It allows survival in a vacuum for up to a week. It became standardized and available as a package in YE 33. The kit is stored in a chrome plastic bag with a loop and pull-string that allows it to be quickly opened even with gloves on or in freezing conditions.

AMES space suit

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