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Star Army Medical Kit, Type 31

The Type 31 Medical kit is a medical kit used by the Star Army of Yamatai that saw heavy use during the Second Mishhuvurthyar War and Kuvexian War.

Some notes have been added to the list of contents below for the convenience of Star Army Medical personnel.

Price: 69.99 KS from Ketsurui Zaibatsu.


The Type 31 Medical Kit (later called the Type 31A) was the original version of the kit, as introduced in early YE 31. as a successor to the older Star Army TA-13 Medical Kit.

The Type 31B became available (and standard) in the second quarter of YE 32.

The Type 31C was introduced in YE 33 in response to frequent Mishhuvurthyar Parasite infections.

In YE 46, the Star Army began transitioning to the Type 45 Standardized Field Medical Kit.


The Type 31 series of first aid kits come in 3 variations.

It comes in light blue-gray, neon green, or camouflage.

Type 31A

The Type 31A came in a hard plastic carrying case. It was phased out in favor of the larger Type 31B.

Type 31B

Additions included Anti-Inflammatory Medication, more bandages, a better airway kit, a neck brace, a clotting agent, tourniquets, Defibrillation gear, a scanner, a water filter, and oxygen. The 31B is easily distinguished from the original Type 31 by its large fabric carrying bag with a red crystal symbol on it.

Type 31C

The Type 31C Medical kit is a minor modification of the Type 31B. While the Type 31B carried a Star Army Science Scanner, Type 31 (with life form and chemical attachments), the 31C instead carries a Portable Medical Scanner. Bags converted to the 31C standard are marked with a large spraypainted black “C” on them.

Handheld Tools

  • Healing Blood Injector, 0.5 Liters (for internal injuries)
  • Hypospray Injector with the following cartridges:
    • 2 Pain Reliever, General (Nekovalkyrja/Yamataian)
    • 2 Pain Reliever, Local (Nekovalkyrja/Yamataian)
    • 1 Anti-Inflammatory Medication (Nekovalkyrja/Yamataian)
    • 1 Disinfectant, Internal (Nekovalkyrja/Yamataian; nanomachine based)
    • 1 Sedative (Nekovalkyrja/Yamataian)
    • 1 Stimulant (Nekovalkyrja/Yamataian)
    • 2 Other medicines, if desired
  • Liquid Bandage Sprayer (for external injuries and burns)
  • Spray Bottle, Disinfectant, Iodine-based

Additional Supplies

  • Anti-clotting/Antihemorrhagic/hemostatic agent (apply DIRECTLY on the ends of broken arteries or veins). Equivalent to the real world QuikClot.
  • Burn Cream
  • Bandages, Long
  • Chemical Cold Pack (good for reducing swelling)
  • Chemical Heat Pack (muscle pain)
  • Clamp
  • Disposable adhesive vital sign monitors, 5
  • Data Pad (contains First Aid/Medical instructions and receives data from the monitors)
  • Forceps
  • Gloves, sterile
  • Irrigation Syringe
  • IV Kit
    • Bandage
    • Gauze Pad
    • Needle
    • Saline solution bag
    • Tube
  • Head Lamp (mini light with head strap)
  • Mask (for medics)
  • Neck brace (to prevent spinal and neck injuries while transporting a patient)
  • Oral airway kit
    • Intubation tubes, endotracheal, reinforced, smooth (One standard neko size and a slightly larger one with inflatable cuff for Nepleslians)
    • Small Oxygen Tank (5 minute supply, can be connected to either of the above)
  • Semi-Automated Defibrillation Kit, Small (can be recharded with NSP batteries if needed, but recharging is needed very rarely)
  • Sling Kit
  • Speculum
  • Suture kit (for sewing wounds shut)
  • Tourniquets, 4
  • Thermometer
  • Tweezers
  • Water Filtration Device equivalent to a SDI Water Filtration Device

OOC Notes

Wes created this.

Star Army Logistics
Supply ClassificationClass J - MEDICAL BIOLOGICAL
First UsedYE 31
Last ReviewYE 46
Year RetiredYE 46
Products & Items Database
Product Categoriesmedical
Product NameMedical Kit, Type 31
NomenclatureMedical Kit, Type 31
ManufacturerKetsurui Zaibatsu
Price (KS)69.99 KS

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