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SDI Water Filtration Device

The SDI Water Filtration Device is a canister capable of purifying water. It is SDI's most popular product and is emulated across the universe.


Currently the planet Lor is at a crossroads. It will be decades, even centuries, before the planet's ecosystem stabilizes. Resources in some parts of the planet are scarce; among these resources are drinkable water.

Capitalizing on a market that he saw while adapting some filtration technology he already developed and shelved, the ever-resourceful Stalwart Defender has created a portable water filtration device that combines old and new methods.

Basic Stats

Manufactured by the Lorath under license.

Stores, purifies, and controls the temperature of up to 2L of water, 1L and 500mL capacities also available.

OLED display and buttons show temperature and capacity remaining, allow setting of device parameters.

Slightly bulkier than an equivalent-capacity 2-liter bottle.

Pump system draws water right out of an available source.

Available in 5 designer colors! Also choose matte or metallic finish!

Cost: 30KS for 2L, 20KS for 1L, 15KS for 500mL.


The device is slightly larger than a pop bottle holding a similar capacity of liquid; the 500mL and 1L capacities are ideal for individuals while the 2L capacity is ideal for parties of up to 3 or 4. The device may safely be opened and quaffed; indeed, its shape makes this ideal.

An empty device can be filled from any available water in the area, no matter how dirty; the filter is a combination of modern biological filtering and old-fashioned mineral filters. A simple pump makes filling the device as easy as a touch of a button.

Water within the device is temperature-regulated; it can either be warm or cold as the owner desires. It is not reccomended, however, to place teabags or flavorings into the device; as it may impair its function.

The device comes in 5 colors, with either matte or metallic finish: Red, Blue, Green, White, and Black.

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