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WickedArms TA-13 Medical Kit

The Star Army Medical Kit (also known as the MedCo Medpac and the WickedArms TA-13) is an emergency first aid/field surgery kit that was carried in most Star Army vessels from YE 21 until YE 31 when it was supplanted by the Star Army Medical Kit, Type 31. Because it was heavily mass-produced by the trillions, it is still commonly found throughout known space, especially in older Yamataian military ships and in military surplus stores, where it is sold for 39.97 KS.


  • Saline Water Bottle
  • Synthetic blood (usable with all humans and Nekovalkyrja)
  • Burn Cream
  • Scalpel
  • Tweezers
  • Clamp
  • Forceps
  • Anesthetic Solution (bottle)
  • Disinfectant Solution (bottle)
  • Gauze Pads
  • Silk Tape Rolls, 2
  • Anti-disease/poison femto-tech pills (Purple Box) for human-type species
  • First Aid Book / Medical Book
Star Army Logistics
Supply ClassificationClass J - MEDICAL BIOLOGICAL
First UsedYE 21
Last ReviewYE 31
Year RetiredYE 31
Products & Items Database
Product Categoriesmedical
Product NameTA-13 Medical Kit
ManufacturerWickedArms Industries
Year DiscontinuedYE 31
Price (KS)39.97 KS

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