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(7-Line) Request For Medical Assistance

The (7-Line) Request For Medical Assistance is a standardized, international, and radio-friendly format used by the Star Army of Yamatai and Star Military of the Democratic Imperium of Nepleslia for calling for the help of medical units.

If an injury occurs and medical help is needed, then the following procedure should be followed:

Standard Request Format

“Prepare to receive 7-line request…”

Line Item Description
1 Location Please be as specific as possible
2 Patients List number of patients
3 Assistance Type L: Low-priority, O: On-Site Care, X: Immediate Extraction
4 Security C: Clear, E: Enemies Present, U: Unknown
5 Environment N: No environmental gear needed, S: Suits Needed
6 Faction C: Civilians, D: NDC, P: Prisoners of War, S: Star Army, N: Nepleslia, U: UOC
7 Special Equipment B: Basket, C: Crash extraction, H: HS Blood, N: None V: Ventilator

If there is time, typically the 7-line RMA can optionally be followed with extra details like names and specific injuries of patients. If the pickup/assistance site is specially marked, it would be noted here also.

An easy way to remember the steps is the phrase: “Let's provide a shining example for safety.”


Normal Request: “YSS Eucharis this is Taisa Hanako requesting medical assistance. Line 1: coordinates XXXXXX; Line 2: one; Line three: X; Line 4: E (PAs), Line 5: N; Line Six: S; Line 7: H.”

Example Quick (Yamataian) Combat Request: “7 Line: 1-Com-2-1-3-X-4-E-5-S-6-S-7-H” This means that there is one Star Army soldier needing HS blood and immediate extraction from a combat zone and the coordinates of the message sender's communicator.

OOC Notes

Article by Wes. Based on the real-world 9-Line used by the US Military.

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