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Liquid Bandage

Liquid Bandage is a widely-used wound sealant manufactured by Emrys Industries.


Liquid Bandage was invented by Emrys Industries in YE 29, and perhaps more significantly Seru Emrys, who felt that first aid lacked an efficient substance to seal wounds and to help them heal.


The liquid is formed out of peptides, short molecules formed from amino acids, and forms a gel within seconds when applied to an open wound, stemming the flow of blood. In addition to this the liquid contains various chemicals to speed up the healing of the wound as well as a mid strength local anesthetic which helps to reduce pain from the wound. In addition to this the seal is breathable. The gel breaks down slowly into amino acids as the wound heals, the amino acids themselves contributing to the creation of new tissue. The liquid is almost completely transparent, and rather hard to see once applied.


The liquid bandage comes in tubes of various sizes โ€“ one inch long, two inches long, three inches long and the five inch by two inch tube. It can simply be squeezed on to the wound or onto the hand and spread โ€“ it must be spread relatively quickly since it will turn into a gel after around three seconds.


  • One inch: 1 KS
  • Two inch: 2 KS
  • Three inch: 3 KS
  • Mega tube: 4 KS


OOC Notes

This article was created by Zakalwe. It was approved by Wes on November 6, 2006: Approval Thread

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Product Categoriesmaterials, medical
Product NameLiquid Bandage
ManufacturerEmrys Industries
Year ReleasedYE 29
Price (KS)1.00 KS

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