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Seru Emrys

Seru Emrys was the highly genetically modified owner and CO of Emrys Industries, well known philanthropist and father of Apesael Emrys. An NPC of Zakalwe His aims are somewhat unclear, although he seems driven to make a mark on the world, or in this new galactic setting, the universe.

Seru Emrys
Species: Very Heavily Modified Geshrin
Gender: Male
Age: 54 years
Height: 5'10โ€œ
Organization Emrys Industries
Rank CO
Occupation CO
Current Placement Itinerant


Much of Seru's early history is unclear. He was born to the moderately wealthy Emrys clan, but what he did for the first fifty or so years of his life are uncertain, except for the creation and raising of his son in his mid-thirties. He was a rather strange father, demanding only the best from his son and doing actions as giving him a puppy genetically designed to die after three days - to show the ephemeral nature of life and the importance of emotional attachment. Perhaps it was this that kept him occupied, since it was after his sons departure that he was seen by the outside world to spring to life - taking a large loan from several banks on Yamatai (Planet) Seru massively upscaled Emrys Industries, launching the EM-M1 Enforcer Powersuit, along with a wide variety of Pheromone based drugs, clothing, security systems, medical treatments and weapons on to the market - at a exceptionally fast speed. Emrys industries soon became an extremely wealthy corporation, and Seru used some of the profits to invest in enormously extensive modification of his body by PNUgen. Seru followed this by taking a keen interest in the newly independent Neplesia, basing a large number of his factories on the planet and following it by a widespread attempt to replace addictive drugs with safer and cheaper Emrys Industries alternatives, building free hospitals, pollution free cars and installing a system of underground transportation. He even put funding into research for an enormous arcology to house Funky Cities excess, although Emrys Industries falling out of favor with the Nepleslian Government for one reason or another has stifled this somewhat. For the last few months Seru has been concentrating on a number of smaller issues such as scholarships for students, although the relative quietness from this most active of CO's has left some suspicious.

Genetic Modifications

Perhaps one of the most important things about Seru is his comparitively massive investment in genetically engineering his body, in a fit that some have considered to be a mid-life crisis.

Immune system and Chemical Systems:

  • Bacterialogical Heavy Countermeasures
  • Self Evolving Dioxyribonucleic Acid Strands
  • Fireproof Skin
  • Radiation Resistance
  • Heavy Viral Countermeasures
  • Anti-acid foam
  • Shapeshifting
  • Ki Asorbtion
  • Magical Energy Dispersal

Neurological and Psychological

  • Constant Neurosortion and Conciousness
  • Photographic Analysis Memory
  • Remote Brain Net Modem Access
  • Secure Communications Telepathy

Muscles and Organs

  • Self-pumping arteries and veins
  • Second heart
  • Heavy-duty Bones
  • Replacement Blood Heavy Backup Livers
  • Heat exchange and cooling organs
  • Budding-Pod reproductive systems
  • High metabolism
  • Air Compressing Heavy Lungs
  • Breathing Skin Pores
  • Retractable claws
  • Built in Blades
  • Jacobson's Organ
  • Bloodbourne Autohealing Nanomachines
  • Nightvision and Infrared Eyesight
  • Telescopic Eyesight
  • Telescopic Hearing and Sound Tracking
  • Hidden Attack/Utility Tenticles
  • Special Teeth

The full limit of these genetic modifications are not known, and while it is known to many that he is modified the true extent is known by very few. On the outside he looks like a perfectly normal nordic-asian buisnessmen, although those who know him well might notice that he seems to have grown a little younger.

Character Data
Character NameSeru Emrys
Character OwnerZakalwe
Character StatusNPC Available for GM or FM use

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