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Star Army Backpack

The standard Star Army Backpack, designed for wear by unarmored personnel, features a central main compartment (closable by drawstring and a top flap) with an internal hanging pouch, a divided upper rear compartment (for pens and small items), two small lower rear pockets (good for snacks or extra battery magazines), and two large side pockets (good for canteens or water bottles).

The side that rests on the wearer's back is firm and cushioned with foam, with channels for ventilation. The arm straps are adjustable and can be snapped together with an elastic strap in front of the sternum for maximum support. A kidney strap is also available. On top of the bag, there is a carry handle.

All backpacks are issued with a durable waterproof bag.

Star Army backpacks are available in dark gray, Star Army Cadet Blue, black, and RIKUPAT. Some older backpacks made prior to YE 37 may have the "Multi-Net" Camouflage Pattern.

There are two models of the Star Army Backpack currently available: the Type 30 and the Type 31. They have the same design, but difference is the Type 31 is waterproof.

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