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RIKUPAT is a camouflage pattern used by the Star Army of Yamatai. The name comes from “Rikugun Pattern.” It was first used in YE 37 on the Star Army Field Jacket, Type 37A.


RIKUPAT has six colors:

  • Green #606641
  • Dark Green #3D4333 (a variant of Nataria Green)
  • Olive #917E56
  • Dark Olive #73603A
  • Sand #BEB4A3 (the lightest color)
  • Brown #594231

The colors are arranged in irregular blob shapes.

Artists: Click the image below for a large camouflage swatch you can use for Star Army artwork.

Extra large version (3000x3000px):

Desert Variant

For the desert 3-color variant, it uses:

  • Brown #927D52
  • Sand #B9B29E
  • Sand #E2D6BC

Jungle Variant

There is also a tropical jungle variant:

  • Teal green #344C48
  • Green #124422
  • Green #4D6C40
  • Very dark green #001900
  • Dark olive green #313831
  • Olive #868950

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