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Star Army Field Jacket, Type 37A

The Type 37A Star Army Field Jacket is a fire-resistant uniform top that is the primary component of the Star Army of Yamatai's Type 37 Utility Uniform. It was introduced in early YE 37 and is manufactured by Ketsurui Zaibatsu.

Replacements cost 275 KS.


The jacket features constructed from quick-drying, moisture-wicking, and highly fire-resistant breathable synthetic polymer fabric. It is designed to be worn over a basic cotton T-Shirt. The bottom of the jacket is cut in a traditional pointed shape resembling the Traditional Flak Vest.

It has a band collar suitable for wear with body armor. The chest has rugged, hidden zipper and a hidden pocket on the left chest that is commonly used to carry pens and can be used for a name tape. There are shoulder straps with snaps. The arms have integrated elbow padding and pockets with hook-and-pile closures and elasticized wrists that keep out flames and allow for easy fitting with gloves.


The jacket's threads contain network of photosensitive smart pigments that, when provided a small amount of power, can change color. This network is connected by graphene nanocircuitry woven into the jacket.

Inside the collar there are a set of buttons:

  • LOAD:
    • Press to load a stored pattern
    • Press and hold to revert to the default two-tone solid color look.
  • SET:
    • Press to update camouflage pattern's color palette based on the surroundings.
    • Press and hold to store a pattern in memory.
  • AUTO:
    • Press to activate or deactivate reactive camouflage; colors are continuously updated.
    • Press and hold to make the jacket high-visibility neon green (for survival and safety situations, etc)

Power is provided by a tiny, coin-sized battery pack located in an internal pocket. The battery and circuitry is waterproof, shockproof, and works normally even in very hot and extremely cold temperatures, and does not need to be removed during washes. It automatically recharges via the jacket being exposed to sunlight or from a Nekovalkyrja's bioelectric field, and it lasts for a week (automatic mode) to a year (occasional use of other modes) without being charged.


The default appearance is two tone with an olive drab (#6F6746) top and a Nataria Green (#373D2C) lower torso.

The Type 37A Field Jacket has color-changing fabric which can create a camouflage pattern. The standard camouflage pattern, RIKUPAT, is shown below (artists: you can find the pattern on the linked page). The pattern's colors change based on the environment the jacket is in.

Here is the jacket's high-visibility mode and a 3-color desert pattern:

Safety green


Type 37 Utility Uniform was intended to replace the Star Army Working Uniform, Type 31 and possibly the Star Army Coverall, Type 36 for planetary personnel and act as a general-purpose uniform for training, field use, and unarmored combat. Originally it was planned to be a “Jacket, Type 35C” which was a field-colored version of the jacket from the Star Army Duty Uniform, Type 35, but the design changed significantly due to feedback. The cut was altered to be more like the Type 31 Working Uniform and the front flap was removed. Various designs including ones with chest buttons and hook-and-pile were proposed and discarded until a design was settled. After several design iterations, test programs, and feedback from soldiers, production and distribution started in early YE 37 as the Star Army Field Jacket, Type 37. However, the design continued to be tweaked by high-ranking admirals and the Type 37A jacket was produced soon thereafter.

Rank Insignia

For officers, the rank is on the lower sleeves and for enlisted, rank is on the left sleeve. Note that officers and warrant officers have a legion patch in the location where enlisted and NCOs have their rank patch. NCOs and enlisted soldiers do not wear a legion patch.

Arm Patches for Enlisted Ranks

Enlisted rank is on the upper left arm only, midway between the shoulder and the elbow. Subdued versions of the rank patches are in Nataria green (lower enlisted) and brown (NCO chevrons).

Lower Enlisted Non-Commissioned Officers
Jôtô Hei 3 green bars Jôtô Heisho three red inverted chevrons
Ittô Hei 2 green bars Ittô Heisho two red inverted chevrons
Nitô Hei 1 green bar Nitô Heisho a red inverted chevron
Note: There are no rank patches for the ranks of Yontô Hei and Santô Hei.

Sleeve Bands for Officers

Officer and warrant officer rank goes around the ends of both sleeves. For officer ranks, the gold rank insignia on the lower sleeves always has the thinner strips higher on the arm.

Taii 2 stripes Taii Taisa 4 stripes Taisa Taisho 2 thick stripes Taisho
Chui 1 stripe and one thin stripe Chui Chusa 3 stripes Chusa Chujo 1 thick stripe and one normal stripe Chujo
Shoi 1 stripe Shoi Shosa 2 stripes and one thin stripe Shosa Shôshô 1 thick stripe Shoso
Shoi Kohosei 1 thin stripe Shoi Kohosei Warrant officers have one to three blue stripes.
Star Army Logistics
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Product Categoriesclothing, uniforms
Product NameField Jacket, Type 37A
ManufacturerKetsurui Zaibatsu
Price (KS)275.00 KS

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