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In the Star Army of Yamatai, Chujo (中将) is the rank of vice admiral. Chujo are often in charge of large portions of a space fleet, or in charge of major facilities such as capital planetary installations and star fortresses or organizations like Star Army Personnel Command. If a Chujo is placed in charge of a fleet, the Chujo will be elevated to the rank of Taisho. The rank below Chujo is Shôshô. For a full listing of ranks, see Star Army Ranks.

Rank Pin Sleeve Stripes Flag Officer Cap
Officer Cap


Promotions to Chujo must be authorized by the Empress of Yamatai. This was explicitly stated by Ketsurui Yui in YE 38.

Soldiers must have at least 12 years in service to become a Chujo.


Officers leaving Chujo positions for reasons other than promotions, transfers, or reassignment to available positions must immediately retire from military service; in other words, admiralty ranks are tied to assignments and the Star Army does not keep admirals without assignments.

List of Chujo

Kessaku Anri Chinomai Minori

Tamahagane Mai Shinja Fujita Shinja Noriko

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