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Star Army Working Uniform, Type 31

The Type 31 Working Uniform is a discontinued uniform once used by the Star Army of Yamatai from YE 31 to YE 43. It is primarily associated with the Second Mishhuvurthyar War.


The working uniform was introduced in the second half of YE 31 during the onset of the Second Mishhuvurthyar War, replacing the Star Army Female Bodysuit, Type 22. Designed for use on Star Army starships, the rugged new uniform is suitable for technicians, combat teams, starfighter pilots, and could be worn inside the Mindy 3 or Ke-M2-4 Series "Mindy" Armor. It was available in male and female versions and was the first uniform to be worn with rank patches instead of rank pins.

As of YE 42, the working uniform was being phased out in favor of the Star Army Duty Uniform, Type 42 and was removed from the Star Army Standard Issue Items. In YE 43, the Star Army announced that use of this uniform would be discontinued when YE 44 began1).


The Type 31 Working Uniform consisted of dark tactical blue pants (with built in kneepads for ship maintenance work or field work), and a form-fitting dark blue shirt with the upper portion and shoulders clad in an occupational uniform color (the colored section has a sky blue lining). The Mandarin-style collar is dark blue. The uniform was worn with a police-style utility pistol belt (Star Army Utility Belt, Type 32), boots, and gloves. The belt, boots, and gloves were in blue-gray matching the belt and each other.



Since the start of YE 35, a navy blue baseball cap is authorized for wear with this uniform when it is worn outdoors. The cap is authorized to have patches sewn on the front and rear that are embroidered with a starship name and registry number or with the name of a duty station such as a fort or other installation. These caps are not standard issue items and can be obtained through ship stores or civilian markets at the ship captain or unit commander's discretion.

Patches and Pins

Proper placement of patches and pins is shown below:

Patches for Enlisted

Jôtô Hei 3 green bars Jôtô Heisho three red inverted chevrons
Ittô Hei 2 green bars Ittô Heisho two red inverted chevrons
Nitô Hei 1 green bar Nitô Heisho a red inverted chevron
There are no rank patches for the ranks of Yontô Hei and Santô Hei.


Please note:

  • Kneepads
  • Thigh holster (light blue-gray)
  • Belt with four pouches and a gold buckle

Skirt Variant

The pants of the uniform can optionally be replaced with a matching skirt/kilt.


Metal insignia pins shall not be worn on working uniforms when they might present a safety hazard (e.g. FOD).

In mid-YE 38, it was permitted for soldiers to roll their sleeves up with this uniform. The sleeves could be rolled up to slightly above the elbow and the thickness of the roll should be around 4 fingers in width.

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