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Star Army Footwear

The Star Army of Yamatai issues footwear with most of its uniforms. Traditionally most Star Army footwear has been jet black, black, or a very dark gray, although there has also been white and brown footwear permitted in the past. Footwear is worn with black, white, or cadet blue Socks. As a rule of thumb, Socks should match the pants color. Tights and a skirt can be used in place of pants and Socks.

Footwear can be purchased at a Star Army Clothing Store.

Shoes are not required for species with inhuman feet such as bird-like talons (e.g. Phods) or hooves. Certain other species may have special footwear to support their physiology.


The Star Army primarily uses jet black leather boots but also has other boots for use with particular uniforms.

Boots, Type 21

These classic boots have been used since the Star Army's earliest days. They were first used in the Star Army with the Star Army Duty Uniform, Type 22 and Star Army Female Bodysuit, Type 22.

In the Star Army Duty Uniform, Type 35's Class B Everyday configuration, soldiers may trade their dress shoes for jet black boots. When the boots are worn with cargo pants, the pants are bloused in them. If wearing boots with dress pants, the pants are worn over the top of the boots. These boots are also used with the Star Army Duty Uniform, Type 30C and Star Army Coverall, Type 36. As of YE 42, these boots may be worn with the Star Army Duty Uniform, Type 42.

Jika-Tabi, Type 38

Since YE 38, the Star Army has allows the substitution of jika-tabi for boots. See: Star Army Jika-Tabi, Type 38.

Two Jika-tabi boots

Dress Shoes

The Star Army Duty Uniform, Type 35 uses glossy jet black shoes with the Class A Formal configuration and Class B Everyday configuration. These can be dress shoes or pumps with with a short to medium heel. Stilettos or high heels above a certain height are not authorized. They can also be worn with the Star Army Duty Uniform, Type 42.

Sport Shoes

Civilian black or white sports shoes are worn with the Star Army Exercise Uniform, Type 29 or Star Army Exercise Uniform, Type 38.

See also: Type 41 Gym Shoes

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