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Star Army Exercise Uniform, Type 38

This Star Army of Yamatai uniform is a casual sport outfit used for physical training. Parts of it can also be used as sleepwear or a swimsuit, and it can be worn under Type 36 Coveralls. It was introduced in YE 38 and replaced the Star Army Exercise Uniform, Type 29. In YE 39 it was modified into the Star Army Exercise Uniform, Type 40.

Changes from its predecessor include:

  • Addition of cold-weather components, which can be worn over the T-shirt and shorts
  • Changed colors from black to Star Army Blue
  • Less visible to motorists at night


The Star Army Exercise uniform consists of:

  • T-shirt, regal blue or occupational color (e.g. red for technicians. See Star Army Uniform Colors)
  • Running shorts, regal blue with hinomaru logo
  • Jacket, hoodie with zipper, two-tone blue, Type 38
  • Choice of pants
    • Pants, Windbreaker, regal blue
    • Pants, Yoga-style, regal blue
  • a pair of suitable shoes, primarily black or white in color
  • Socks

Components come in a range of standardized sizes.

T-Shirt, Type 38

The T-shirt is made from a soft artificial cotton-like material that wicks away moisture and provides passive cooling. It has a moderate thickness. The shirt-is extremely bacteria-resistant, which helps combat body odor.

When it is the correct color, the Type 38 T-shirt can be worn as part of other uniforms like the duty uniforms, and vice versa.

Shorts and Pants

The shorts and pants are made of a tear-and-strain-resistant, fire-resistant synthetic nano-polymer that is essentially a silky-feeling super polyester that won't chafe. There is an extra cushioning pad in the knee area of the pants. The shorts and pants have two front pockets and one rear pocket, as well as a small stretchy interior pocket for keys or earplugs. No special washing care is required. A version of the shorts and pants with an elastic tail aperture is available for soldiers with tails. The waist is elastic too. The shorts can be used as swimwear and they dry easily (faster than the T-shirt).

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