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Star Army Duty Uniform, Type 30C

The Type 30C is a Star Army of Yamatai uniform that was introduced in YE 37. It consists of a regal blue ribbed turtleneck sweater worn with either cadet blue pants or a regal blue skirt and cadet blue tights. It is an updated version of the Type 30B Female Duty Uniform that incorporates the standard colors of the Star Army Duty Uniform, Type 35 that replaced the Type 30B.

Wear Instructions

The Type 30C duty uniform is considered an alternate for the Type 35 Duty Uniform and is worn in a similar manner as a “Class B Everyday” configuration. However, since the sweater does not support wrist rank, officers should wear their rank badge pin. The pin should be placed just below the piping on the left breast. The Type 30C is not authorized to substitute for the “Class A Formal” configuration of the Type 35 duty uniform. It is worn with boots.

Changes from the Type 30B

  • Colors match the color palette used with the Type 35 Duty Uniform
  • Now available in male versions (worn with light blue Type 35 Dress Pants or Type 22 Cargo Pants)
  • Shoulder color flash panels are no longer present
  • Rank pins, when worn, are in the traditional “heart” position, not centered.
  • Enlisted have arm rank sewn on the sleeve instead of a fleet patch.
  • Since this is a cold weather uniform, it should be worn with pants or a skirt and tights.
    • The Type 35 skirts can be worn with this, or the older Type 30 skirts as long as they are in the correct color and are not shiny. This means the Second Mishhuvurthyar War-era ankle-length skirts can be worn with it.

Color Scheme

Uniform Insignia

This section gives instructions on how ranks, patches, pins, and other symbols are worn on the uniform.

Rank Insignia

Officers wear rank pins and enlisted have arm patches.

Note that officers and warrant officers have a fleet patch in the location where enlisted and NCOs have their rank patch. NCOs and enlisted soldiers do not wear a fleet patch.

Arm Patches for Enlisted Ranks

Enlisted rank is on the upper left arm only, midway between the shoulder and the elbow.

Jôtô Hei 3 green bars Jôtô Heisho three red inverted chevrons
Ittô Hei 2 green bars Ittô Heisho two red inverted chevrons
Nitô Hei 1 green bar Nitô Heisho a red inverted chevron
There are no rank patches for the ranks of Yontô Hei and Santô Hei.

Rank Pin Badges for Officers

Rank pins are only worn in the “Class A Formal” configuration of this uniform. They are worn positioned over the left breast. Note that the rank pins shown below are the First Fleet and First Expeditionary Fleet. For other rank pin examples and general information on ranks, see Star Army Ranks.

Rank Name Description
O9 Taisho Fleet Admiral
O8 Chujo Admiral
O7 Shôshô Vice Admiral
O6 Taisa Captain
O5 Chusa Commander
O4 Shosa Lieutenant
O3 Taii Lieutenant
O2 Chui Sub-Lieutenant
O1 Shoi Acting Sub-Lieutenant
O0 Shoi Kohosei Cadet
Warrant Officers
Rank Name Description
W3 Ittô Juni Warrant Officer First Class
W2 Nitô Juni Warrant Officer Second Class
W1 Santô Juni Warrant Officer Third Class

Patches and Other Insignia

This section shows where to place patches and other items on the uniform.

Hinomaru Patch

The Star Army Hinomaru patch is on all Star Army of Yamatai uniforms.

Type 38 Hinomaru Insignia

In YE 41, the Star Army began using the Star Army Insignia Set, Type 41 on this uniform.

Fleet Patches for Officers

Officer uniforms (only) may display a Star Army Fleet Patch on the left arm midway between the shoulder and the elbow.

Unit Patches

Unit patches, as with previous uniforms, may optionally be worn above the Hinomaru on the shoulder and are based on the unit commander's preference. See: Starship Patch

YSS Heitan Logo

Medical Patch

Star Army Medical personnel have a red diamond patch on their left shoulder. This patch goes above patches for enlisted rank or fleet patches. Qualified medics may continue to wear this patch after changing occupations.

This section shows artwork that includes the Type 30C Duty Uniform.

Nagato Maki Type 30C Duty Uniform Type 30C Duty Uniform Type 30C Duty Uniform

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