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Star Army Hinomaru

The hinomaru, (日の丸), is the symbol of the Star Army of Yamatai. Hinomaru means “circle of the sun.” It is part of the the Star Army's faction visuals and is visible on all uniforms, starships, and most equipment.

Type 38 Hinomaru Insignia


During the Second Draconian War, power armor came into widespread use in the Star Army. At the time, the Star Army lacked a distinctive logo and the insignia of the Mindy Power Armor development project was selected to become the Star Army's symbol, as it represented the Star Army's might.

In YE 38, the Star Army began using a new version of the hinomaru that used a Ke-M2-4 Series "Mindy" Armor. The new version is called the “Hinomaru, Type 38.” It is slowly beginning to appear on Star Army equipment and uniforms.

In YE 41, a slightly altered version of the Type 38 began to be used for uniform insignia patches where the Mindy armor was slightly enlarged to allow the patches to more clearly show details. This was called the Type 41. Additionally, a “STAR ARMY” tab was introduced for uniforms. Together these made up the Star Army Insignia Set, Type 41. It is not used on ships and equipment, only uniforms.


The Star Army hinomaru is a red circle with a white border and thin black outer border. The Star Army's logo defaces a crimson hinomaru with a stylized Ke-M2 "Mindy" Series of Power Armor.


Click the images for the full size.

Image Variant Notes
Type 22 Original version (YE 22) with transparent background
Type 22 Stencil Monochrome version for stencils
Type 22 Shiny Shiny version for metal pins and badges
Type 22 Special Edition Gold Mindy variant for 2014 Patches sent to donators
Type 22 Rikupat Subdued patch for RIKUPAT camouflage uniforms
Type 38 New hinomaru design - standard
Type 38 Simplified Simple color version for IRL patches etc.
Type 38 Shiny Shiny border and shaded version for metallic pins, etc
Type 38 Lineart Monochrome version for black and white documents
Type 38 Stencil (black) Monochrome version for stencils
Type 38 Stencil (white) Monochrome version for stencils
Type 41 Simplified version used for patches

OOC Notes

The Type 22 design was created by Star Army's admin, Wes. The Type 38 Hinomaru art is by Jim Francis and was commissioned by Fred in 2016.

The Star Army hinomaru is also used as the main symbol of the Star Army website, appearing as a logo and favicon.

IRL Photos

Here's some examples of the Star Army Hinomaru appearing in real life:


Comparison to Japanese Hinomaru

Star Army's logo is not Japanese. The Yamatai Star Empire is anime-inspired more than Japan-inspired. The traditional hinomaru used by Japan is red, while the one used by the Star Army of Yamatai is a darker crimson color (#800000) and the Star Army one has a black outer border.

JASDF Roundel SAoY Hinomaru

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