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As a gift of appreciation for people that donate money to Star Army, Wes has commissioned patches and mailed them to donators. This page contains information on the types of patches sent out. To receive a patch donate $25 or more during a calendar year via Paypal and provide a shipping address.

Patches for donators

Types of Patches

Series Design Size Quantity Date Ordered Manufacturer Order Cost
1 Star Army Hinomaru 3โ€œ diameter 50 January 2007 $170 ($3.40 each)
2 Nepleslian Space Marine Corps 3.5โ€ diameter 100 May 23, 2011 $201.151) ($2.01 each)
3 Star Army Hinomaru (Special Edition Gold) 3โ€œ diameter 100 November 2014 $223 ($2.23 each)
4 Star Army Insignia Set, Type 41 3โ€ diameter 100 April 2019 $335.98 ($3.36 per set)

Shout out to for giving me much better quality patches than my original supplier, and at better prices.


The original Star Army Hinomaru is now considered pretty rare. There were 50 made in 2007. The special edition was made in 2014, and has a chrome gold Mindy armor on it. There were 100 made in November 2014. They are heat-seal (iron-on).

2014 Special Edition Hinomaru

2014 Special Edition Hinomaru compared to 2007 Original 2014 Special Edition Hinomaru compared to 2007 Original, reverse

In 2019, we made the Star Army Insignia Set, Type 41.

NSMC Patch

The NSMC patch includes iron-on backing and metallic gold thread around the star.

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After a 10% discount after a miscommunication in the order. Actual price was 223.50 due to the metallic thread. Without the thread it would have been $175, which was what we were quoted.

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