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Ke-M2-3A "Mindy" Power Armor

The Mindy M2-3A Power Armor was an updated version of the Ke-M2-2D "Mindy II" Power Armor, designed in YE 30 for use in YE 31. The Mindy is fast and can be adapted to a wide variety of missions through use of interchangeable modules. It was still in the late development stages through YE 37 when it was cancelled in favor of the Ke-M2-4 Series "Mindy" Armor.

About the 3A Armor

The 3A series is no longer in production.

Key Features

Improvements to the 3A (over the 2A) include:

  • No longer requires the pilot to forgo clothing
  • Comes in various sizes to accommodate different body types and heights
  • Assigned as standard issue to soldiers, rather than to ships
  • Kinetic energy absorbing armor

Mission Specialization

The Star Army of Yamatai use two types of power armor: one for space, and the other for planetary usage. The Mindy is the space type, equipped with bigger engines and power systems that enable it to reach and attack enemy starships. Through the use of hardpoints, the Mindy has secured its place in the Star Army by providing pilots and commanders with unprecedented customization options, allowing the Mindy to be adapted to nearly any mission needed.

Mindy armor excels in:

  • Air support (for Daisy armors on a planetary surface)
  • Attacking hull installations of large starships
  • Boarding starships

For ground-based missions, the Daisy M6 Infantry Power Armor is preferred.

Damage Capacity

Damage Capacity: 6 SP, Armor Scale

Shields: It was common for the shields from the Ke-M2-2D "Mindy II" Power Armor to be retrofitted onto the Mindy 3.

Statistics and Performance

Dimensions and Mass

The Mindy armor is just slightly larger than the average NH-22C Yamataian, allowing it to fit in almost any place conventional infantry soldier might. The armor's small size allows for starship to store large numbers of them without the need for special storage areas (although most Star Army of Yamatai ships have dedicated power armor storage and maintenance areas anyway).

Size Armor Height * Pilot Height *
Extra Short 135cm 120cm (3'11“)
Short 155cm 140cm (4'7”)
Standard 175cm (5'7”) 160cm (5'3“)
Tall 195cm 180cm (5'11”)
Extra Tall 215cm 200cm (6'7“)
* Armor and pilot height may vary plus or minus 15cm.

The armor's mass varies depending on size. A standard Mindy armor weighs around 100kg (220lbs).

Propulsion and Range

The Mindy 3A uses a Combined Field System for its primary means of propulsion; through use of their Combined Field System, Mindy armors are able to ignore gravity and inertial forces; they can hover, instantly stop or shift direction, and even increase and decrease their weight; they can walk up walls, on ceilings, across water, and in midair.

Secondary engines are plasma-based, a shift from earlier gravimetric types. This is to increase reliability in Anti-FTL fields.

  • FTL Speed: up to 10c
  • In an atmosphere, the Mindy can travel Mach 1.7 at Earth sea level.
  • Secondary Engines: .375c

The Mindy can also operate underwater, at depths up to 100m, in 1G.


Getting Inside

The Mindy 3A is the first armor in the Mindy series that does not require the pilot to disrobe. Pilots can wear their standard skin-tight bodysuit uniforms. To get in, first remove the armor's helmet. The armor will recognize its operator and open its torso, revealing its smooth dark gray interior. The chest and abdomen armor splits open along the armor's centerline. The pilot would then back into her armor, putting each foot in and then sliding down into position. Once the pilot is in place, the armor will close around her and she may retrieve her helmet and put it on. The Mindy can be operated by Nekovalkyrja (but not Yamataians) without its helmet, but the pilot will not be able to use most sensor and communication devices without it on.

:!: It is recommended that belts (especially with holsters), rank pins, and any sharp objects be removed from the pilot before entering the armor.


Piloting the Armor

Piloting the Mindy 3A is done through SPINE or a headset system in the helmet. All NH-29 can instinctively operate the Mindy armor; it is natural to them. Mindy piloting is also part of standard Star Army Training for Nekovalkyrja and Yamataians. Basic operation of the Mindy armor is simple, and is augmented by the armor's on-board computer, which will help out when (and only when) it is needed or requested.

Condition Reports

Power Armor protection evaluation is on a small 3d display which shows the different sections of the armor in green. When the armor is hit and that its protection is judged to decrease, it goes from green to light green, yellow, orange, light red and finally red. Black indicates that part of the armor is destroyed. Black in the helmet or chest/torso regions is obviously very bad.

Life Support

The core of the Mindy houses the life support systems, which include a rebreather system, oxygen supply, and a nutrient-enriched (sterile) water supply. The Mindy can support a pilot for up to 15 days before replenishment is needed, or up to 10 years in stasis. If needed, the Mindy can filter outside air to replenish its supply (not usually done until absolutely necessary, though).

The Mindy's interior includes a catheter device that, when commanded, wriggles its way into the pilot's urethra and bladder, keeping the pilots from having to exit the suit to urinate. Pilots receive oxygen through the skin.

Armors can still function without their limbs so long as their cores and engines are intact, although this would mean loss of limbs for the pilot.


Description pending (art commission?). For the moment, let's assume it looks mostly like the Ke-M2-2D "Mindy II" Power Armor, but with bulkier engines on the lower back, and with thicker, possibly blocky armor (in the matter of real-world tanks covered in reactive armor blocks).


Armor and Stealth Systems

The outer armor (Ke-M2-F2903) is a mixture of plates of Durandium Alloy, Yarvex (A highly advanced gluon mesh), and an advanced, flexible Titanium-based alloy frame. The armor is most armored on the main body, and the outside section of the limbs (where the Durandium plating is).

The Mindy's armor is immune to light small arms fire, provides fair resistance to mounted weapons, poor resistance to light starship weaponry, and negligible resistance to heavy starship weaponry such as main guns and anti-matter. As with all armors, it protectiveness can be bypassed through the use of excessive kinetic force.

An optional Zesuaium-coated Titanium Boron Carbide and Zesuaium chain mail mesh set (Ke-M2-F2904) is also available to replace the default F2903 set for officers and ace pilots.

Kinetic Energy Absorbing Armor

The armor can be equipped with panels of Kinetic Energy Absorbing Armor. The Ke-M2-A3100 - Kinetic Energy Absorbing Armor became available in YE 31.

Sensors and Communications

The Mindy 3A uses the Armor Integrated Electronics System (AIES), which includes sensors, communications, and computing systems rolled into a standardized package. The system runs a special power-armor-oriented flavor of the Kessaku Military Operating System created by Kessaku Systems for use within the PANTHEON network. Through networking, the Mindy's sensor input is augmented by that of nearby friendly forces.

Its sensors include:

  • Imaging array with nightvision and thermal viewing
  • Ultra Wide Band RADAR

The armor can communicate via:

  • Voice, via microphone and loudspeaker
  • Conventional Radio
  • Subspace Radio (FTL)
  • Laser Beam (using forearm cannon's range-finder)

Other Systems

Weaponry and Accessories

Mindy 3A armor is equipped with:

See Mindy Accessories for hardpoint modules and handheld weapons.

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