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:!: Interdiction is no longer permitted in the setting. This page is preserved for reference, and has no impact on the RP. :!:

Anti-FTL Field

An anti-FTL field (sometimes called an interdiction field by Nepleslian) is a subspace interference field and/or gravity pull that interferes with the generation of hyperspace fold points, thus making Hyperspace Travel and other forms of FTL travel more difficult or impossible.

In the Star Army Role-Play, AF fields can be created by space stations, planetary installations, or by starships. For game purposes, all AF fields are equal in strength. The reason for this is to prevent competition and arguments in this area. Anti-FTL fields affect all ships in the area, including the one projecting the field.

Due to recent advancements in FTL technology, Anti-FTL fields (otherwise known as interdiction) no longer influence FTL Drives. Direct graviton beam projections however, continue to do so.

The chart below outlines the strength of Anti-FTL fields:

Level Type Distortion Drive Hyperspace Drive Teleportation Wormhole
Normal FTL Conditions
0 Open Space Normal Normal Normal Normal
1 In a star system 75% speed 2% speed Normal Normal
2 Planetary Orbit 50% speed Disabled Normal Disabled
Hazardous FTL Conditions
3 Inside nebula or debris field 25% speed Disabled Normal Disabled
4 Artificial Anti-FTL Field Disabled Disabled Disabled Disabled
5 FTL Deadzone Disabled Disabled Disabled Disabled


Many military ships have countermeasures of some sorts to restore some FTL ability. Using this ability allows a ship to behave as if was in the next lowest level of anti-FTL; however, these systems can only be used at levels 3 and above.

Anti-FTL AF Countermeasures Result
Ship versus its environment
Level 3 any number of ships Level 2 Anti-FTL
When ships face off
1 ship None Level 4 Anti-FTL
1 ship 1 ship Level 3 Anti-FTL
2+ ships 1 ship Level 4 Anti-FTL
1 ship 2+ ships Level 3 Anti-FTL
many ships smaller number of ships Level 4 Anti-FTL
many of ships even more ships Level 3 Anti-FTL

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