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Hyperspace Travel

In the Star Army Role-Play Hyperspace travel is usage of an internal drive system to transport a bubble of space (including the ship where the drive system is activated) to another location through hyperspace (outside of normal space).

Hyperspace travel in Star Army:

  • Can only be done in straight lines
  • Cannot be started or ended inside the sphere of gravitational influence of a planet or star

Hyperspace fold through solid objects such as stars and even large amounts of matter like nebulae is not safe. Objects with mass can suffer a “virtual collision” with the hyperspace ship. This is very bad.

Actual time spent in hyperspace from the ship's point of view may not necessarily be the same as the actual time it takes to get from one place to another.

Hyperspace drives typically have tremendous energy requirements, necessitating a period of charging before each use. Such charge times generally last from one to twenty minutes.


The hyperfold is a bubble that takes anything inside it along for the ride; this bubble is often adjustable in size. The inside of the hyperfold bubble is causally isolated from the outside, and no two ships have ever encountered one another in hyperspace.

RP Example

There was a brief 'whumpf' sound as the fold drive dominating the center of engineering's main control room was brought to full power. The field regulators spun in their continuous clockwise, counter-clockwise movement, creating a constant humming in the area. The primary - and largest - aether generator aboard also began to roar. The light from the transparent viewports bathed the engineers in residual thermal energy and a peculiar violet light that meshed in odd combination with the trouble-red hue of battlestations. And before them, the screens glittered eery blue.

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