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Ke-M2-A3100 - Kinetic Energy Absorbing Armor

The Ke-M2-A3100 - Kinetic Energy Absorbing Armor (KEAA) is an accessory designed originally for the Ke-M2-3A "Mindy" Power Armor that became available in YE 31.


About the Ke-M2-A3100

The Ke-M2-A3100 is a reactive ablative armor. It consists of modules of hexagonal directional charges. Each module has three shaped charges in them. They protect the armor by exploding when a weapon strikes them and blowing back some of the kinetic force.

When the top of a cell is punctured by a kinetic force it fires the detonator. This causes the Type 31 Plastic Explosive (T31PE) to explode neutralizing a portion of the kinetic energy of the attack. It takes an impact of 1 ADR to crack the cover. It reduces the overall effect of a kinetic attack by 2 ADR.

Note: A Ke-M2-A3100 module hit by an energy weapon, such as a scalar-weapon, or laser will detonate. The resulting detonation will most likely jar the power armor wearer, in the same capacity as it being detonated by a kinetic weapon. But the damage from the energy attack will not be reduced.




  • Height: 3.81cm (1.5in)
  • Width: 10.16cm (4in)
  • Length: 17.78cm (7in)
  • Mass: 7kg (15.4 lbs


The overall module and the ceramic caps are lined with electromagnetic shielding that grounds the module to the armor. This prevents any accidental detonation by preventing an electrical charge building up from systems in the power armor.

Each cell is constructed out of Durandium alloy and filled with T31PE, capped with a ceramic cover with a detonator attached.


The armor segments are attached using Molecure Tape. They are mounted to provide extra protection to key portions of the suit. Care must be taken to not apply the modules across a panel that must open for normal operation.

While built originally for the Ke-M2-3A "Mindy" Power Armor, there is no reason the modules could not be applied to other power armor.

Mounting Locations

The modules are normally installed on the chest, back, upper arms and legs where the larger surface area becomes a target.

OOC Notes

Star Army Logistics
Supply ClassificationClass E - PARTS AND COMPONENTS
First UsedYE 31
Products & Items Database
Product NameKinetic Energy Absorbing Armor
ManufacturerKetsurui Fleet Yards
Year ReleasedYE 31
Mass (kg)7 kg

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