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Combined Field System

Star Army of Yamatai vessels have an excellent combined field system.

In effect, the CFS sustains a small “pocket universe” around the vessel by nesting electrogravitic and electrostatic fields. Gravity and time outside the shield bubble do not affect the objects inside, and objects inside the bubble are protected from both solid and beam weaponry, as the projectiles or beams pass through the curved space and around the ship. The combined field serves a number of purposes, including propulsion, defense, weaponry, and stealth, but not for adjusting a ship's facing. Due to its broad utility, however, it is almost always on. The CFS can also be used to generate waves and pulses, which can be used to detect hidden ships and objects when used in combination with the sensors.

Using standard internal and external sensors, the ship's quantum computer can monitor the CFS both at the field and at the generators inside the ship. Due to this, the computer can extrapolate the precise energy flow around the ship, even being able to predict where the energy will be redirected to along the CFS, be it radiation or weapons fire. It can also be used to monitor the status of the ship’s shields more precisely than previous methods, to diagnose problems early on, as well as to be used in conjunction with other programs that require the state of the CFS. It should be noted that since this requires sensors at both the field and the generator points of the CFS, it can only be used upon one’s own CFS, not on those of other ships.

The integrated electronics system (IES or AIES in a Mindy) can determine the state of the CFS at any given time, and even extrapolate where energy will be redirected to along it. It is not a large jump to use that data to compensate for the CFS’s effects when firing energy weapons. A shot from the ship can be fired upon a pre-calculated point on the CFS, which is moved along the CFS to the desired location. This allows multi- or omni-directional energy weapons, as well as the energy weapons of Power Armor, to accurately target and hit enemy targets while inside of and using the CFS.

The CFS is about balance. It can devote its field resources to select tasks. If a ship moves at 20% FTL speed, that leaves it the rest to operate weapons and shielding. If its shielding is at 80%, it can't have much FTL and the capacity of projecting energy beams is lessened. If using some of its power to project beams, then, it dramatically decreases its FTL and shield capabilities.

Sometimes, the ship will also create open patches in the CFS for quick sensor scans and weapon fire, too. Interdiction Field: The ship is capable of projecting a powerful artificial gravitic field that disrupts the operations of FTL drives of all types in a specific area of effect (minimal effective AOE is a 1,000-meter cubic area; maximum AOE is 1 AU cubic area). This is useful in preventing enemy vessels from escaping from battle. The interdiction field also has a secondary mode that can defeat the interdiction efforts of enemy forces in a localized area roughly half the size of its normal operation.


The ship propels itself at speeds many times the speed of light by generating continuum distortions in the CFS and nesting them to create asymmetric peristaltic fields. The normal CDD speeds are augmented by working with the forward deflector (located on the underside of the ship). This allows the ship to travel thousands of times the speed of light.

Some ships use a combined distortion drive capable of generating small wormholes, navigating the quantum slipstream, creating hyperspace fold points, and acting as sublight propulsion. Distortion-based systems allow the ship to stop or move with an acceleration greater than conventional systems, as the ship has not “moved” in the technical sense. However, it is incapable of rotating or steering a ship, with the vessels retaining their facing. As a result, this task is left to more standard propulsion systems.

Primary Defense

The shields are automatically modulated and phased by the ship's Integrated Electronics System. While all frequencies, planes, and dimensions are theoretically covered by the shield, the modulation enables extra power to be routed to the bands, planes, and frequencies in which enemy weapons operate, decreasing the possibility of a shield overload and rendering enemy weapons largely ineffective. The CFS also protects the ship from collisions during high-speed space flight and can be used to facilitate ramming other vessels. As the ship's defense against weapons and high-speed impacts such as meteors in space and debris from destroyed starships, the shield is extremely powerful.

Outer Defense

The shield system is bordered (several kilometers out from the ship) with an intense scalar field which serves to dud electronics of incoming missiles and mecha, as well as detonating explosives, ablative armor, and overloading the nervous systems of pilots. This feature is disabled during normal operations, and (usually) enabled in combat.


Ships can also be rendered invisible to scalar radar, aetheric-energy sensors, other forms of detection by using the shield bubble to keep the ship in its own alternate plane of existence. It can also use its scalar fields to simulate that photons and other sensory forms pass through the “empty space” and thus its presence is hidden. When the ship is fully in its bubble plane, it may only use its remote detection device (RDD) sensor to monitor normal space; all other sensors will be useless.

Defense Against Phasing

Star Army of Yamatai ships and stations have been able to counter “phasing” since YE 27. No phased object or creature may penetrate a CFS shield bubble.


Ships equipped with the CFS also can use it for offensive purposes.

Projected Energy Beams

This beam system was first developed in Yuumi-class Battleship program and has since become a staple of Star Army weaponry. The spatial distortion around the ship (the Combined Field System) is used to release condensed potential energy from the Aether, the ubiquitous sea of energy. By distorting the shield-space, the origin of the beam can be maneuvered around the field bubble, allowing it to be fired from any point on the field system. The subspace effects of the beam make it naturally piercing to distortion-based shields. Please note that when firing, it substantially weakens the Combined Field System.

  • Location: Combined Field System
  • Primary Purpose: Anti-Starship
  • Secondary Purpose: Heavy Assault
  • Damage: Good chance of destroying a non-capital ship in a single hit; a great deal of possibly crippling damage on a capital ship. Damage rating of 3 (anti-ship).
  • Area of Effect: Beam of 1 to 25 meters in diameter.
  • Range: Theoretically unlimited except by the beam's speed (1c).
  • Rate of Fire: Up to ten five-second blasts every 15 seconds.

When the CDD drive is fully devoted to speed, its defensive functions and weapon functions will not function well, or at all, and vice versa. It is important for starship captains to find a good balance.

Star Army Logistics

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