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Flashlight, Floating, Type 32

The Type 32 Flashlight is a hands free light source. It became available late in YE 32.

To Star Army Logistics, this is the “Flashlight, Autonomous Floating, Type 32.”

About the Type 32 Flashlight

The Type 32 Flashlight was designed to provide a powerful light source while leaving both hands free. It is a high-powered LED flashlight made for use by members of the Star Army of Yamatai. It is waterproof and capable of floating by anti-gravity. It produces 100 lumens of light.


The Type 32 Flashlight is a compact flashlight, it is colored Star Army Blue and has the Star Army Hinomaru on top of the beam select switch. The front is a transparent lens, on the right side is the power on switch and an LED that shows the power status.

Type 32 Flashlight


Class: Personal Gear Organization Using This item: Star Army of Yamatai Type: Flashlight Nomenclature: Ke-G5-1a Designers: Ketsurui Zaibatsu Research and Development teams Manufacturers: Ketsurui Zaibatsu, Star Army of Yamatai Entered service: YE 32 Price: 75 KS


  • Length: 16cm (6.3 in)
  • Width: 8cm (3.15 in)
  • Height: 4cm (1.57 in)

Operating Time

The operating time depends upon how the flashlight is being used, and the environment it is in.

  • unlimited on an operational starship as the induction system will keep recharging the power cells

Outside of a ship

  • Lamp up to 36 hours of operation
  • Anti-grav up to 6 hours of operation while floating at a walking pace, higher speeds decreases the operating time proportionally.

Mode of Operation

The Type 32 Flashlight has two beam settings, and two modes of operation. The two beam settings are narrow beam and wide beam.

Hand held mode is the manual mode and the user changes the beam setting by pressing the button under the Star Army Hinomaru. To activate hand held mode press the switch on the right side forward and release. Pressing the switch again turns it off.

Beam Modes

  • Wide Angle - 60 degree beam - 30 ft (10)
  • Narrow Beam - 30 degree beam - 100 ft (30m)

Floating Mode

Floating mode gives the user the widest range of operation and control.

When activated the unit will hover and turn as the user desires, and it will change beam mode as the user wishes too. The Flashlight has a laser range finder in the bottom to determine how far off the ground it is. When in floating mode the Flashlight uses the beacon in Docking Unit as its point of reference. It will hold its position and attitude relative to the docking unit. So when the user turns it will move with them.


The Ke-G5 can be recharged by the following methods in the specified time period.

Two Hour Charging

  • Induction from ambient energy on ship
  • Induction from power armor
  • Attaching optional solar charging panel

Four Hour Charging

  • Induction from bio-electric field of a Nekovalkyrja Note: Must be off.

Five Minute Charging

  • Connecting the contacts on the bottom to a BR-28 Magazine drains one shot charge.


The Type 32 Flashlight body is composed of carbon nanofibers. The lens is a clear plastic.


The Type 32 Flashlight can be controlled by the following methods:

The user can specify the distance from the user, height and direction the flashlight should be. They can also set it to maintain that position relative to the user. So that if the user moves the light moves with them.

Note: The flashlight will always remain parallel to the ground.


The Type 32 Flashlight has very limited sensors, a laser range finder with a range of 50m in the base provides altitude. A cluster of micro-accelerometers which provide information on its movement.


The Type 32 Flashlight is capable of speeds up to 75 mph which allows it to keep up with a Nekovalkyrja or a Daisy M6 Infantry Power Armor clad soldier. However such speeds will cause the unit to drain power at a much faster rate.

Docking Unit

The Docking unit is intended to stow/secure the flashlight to the user. It has a spring loaded release that keeps the flashlight secure in the dock. On the bottom of the doc is a latch hook panel that allows it to grip a soldiers uniform. If the docking unit is to be attached to a power armor, then a self-adhesive latch hook panel must be applied for the docking unit to connect to.

The docking unit has its own power cell, and can serve as a beacon for the flashlight. This helps the unit to keep its position relative to the user.

Type 32 Flashlight in Dock

Ke-G5-P3201 Optional Solar Panel

Star Army Logistics
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Product NameFlashlight, Floating, Type 32
ManufacturerKetsurui Zaibatsu, Star Army of Yamatai
Price (KS)75.00 KS

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