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Star Army Coat, Type 32

The Type 32 Star Army Coat is a black double-breasted dress frock coat with a peacoat-style design that reaches to a little above the knees. It has thick lapels, a narrow waist, and a flared “skirt” shape. The chest is adorned with ten large shiny buttons in silver. Its purpose is for everyday non-combat usage, protection from weather, and also for ceremonial purposes.

Price: 100 KS


The coat is made of breathable synthetic material that allows moisture to escape but not to enter, making it rainproof; water beads on it. In order to have any serious insulation, the jacket's removable quilted down liner must be worn under it; the liner attaches via a number of metal snaps. The jacket is not as heavy as wool but still has a bit of heft and firmness to it so as not to be disturbed by the wind. The Star Army Hinomaru patch is located on the right arm.

Elysian Variant

A variant for winged personnel (such as Elysians) is available. It features a large V-shaped slit in the back that allows the wings to be displayed without exposing the back. There is a hook-and-pile fastener at the bottom of the V that keeps the triangular back flap in place.


The Star Army Coat is worn over duty uniforms (Class A Formal or Class B Everyday) but never over the working uniform; therefore it is paired with the standard pants or tights. It is worn with the Star Army Cap, Type 32 or Star Army Cap, Type 32.

The coat lapels may be worn up or down (usually up) but should be uniform during ceremonies and formations (adjust to match the commander). The coat's liner should not be worn on its own. Green stripe or red chevron rank patches are worn on the upper left arm for enlisted soldiers and officers have gold bands around the sleeves (see below).

Sleeve Bands for Officers

Officer and warrant officer rank goes around the ends of both sleeves.

Taii 2 stripes Taii Taisa 4 stripes Taisa Taisho 2 thick stripes Taisho
Chui 1 stripe and one thin stripe Chui Chusa 3 stripes Chusa Chujo 1 thick stripe and one normal stripe Chujo
Shoi 1 stripe Shoi Shosa 2 stripes and one thin stripe Shosa Shôshô 1 thick stripe Shoso
Shoi Kohosei 1 thin stripe Shoi Kohosei Warrant officers have one to three blue stripes.

Arm Patches for Enlisted

Enlisted rank is on the upper left arm only.

Jôtô Hei 3 green bars Jôtô Heisho three red inverted chevrons
Ittô Hei 2 green bars Ittô Heisho two red inverted chevrons
Nitô Hei 1 green bar Nitô Heisho a red inverted chevron
There are no rank patches for the ranks of Yontô Hei and Santô Hei.

OOC Notes

Artworks by:

  • Alexandra Douglass
  • Raph
  • Angrygrizley
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Product Categoriesclothing, uniforms
Product NameStar Army Coat, Type 32
ManufacturerKetsurui Zaibatsu
Year ReleasedYE 32
Price (KS)100.00 KS

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