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Star Army Dress Pants, Type 35

Star Army of Yamatai dress pants (also called slacks or trousers) are permanent-press with a visible creases to give them a sharp, formal look. They are worn with the Star Army Duty Uniform, Type 35.

Trousers Trousers

These dress pants can be purchased for 25 KS at any Star Army Clothing Store.

About the Dress Pants

Dress Pants should be made of authorized fabric (poly/wool blend or Kinugoshi-ko blend after YE 38) with fore-and-aft creases, belt loops, zippered front closure, and a wallet pocket on the back left. The can be straight-legged or slightly flared.


These pants come in Cadet Blue

Color Color Name Hex Used For
Star Army Cadet Blue #AEB6CA Class A Formal or Class B Everyday

White pants were introduced in YE 37 for certain formal occasions but were discontinued in 2月 YE 41.

White formal pants on a Class A Formal uniform


The pants come in sets of standard sizes for various human and non-human species. The Star Army an also make pants in custom sizes based on a 3D scan of a soldier's body.


There is a variant of these pants for species with tails that includes a tail hole with a button closure above it.

Proper Wear

The pants (trousers) should be worn fully on the waist and with all fasteners closed. The pants should hang 2.5 to 5 centimeters above the ground or deck while standing and wearing shoes.

Alternate Garments

The following can be substituted for these pants:

OOC Notes

Wes authored this article.

Pants artwork by Nicoy. Elysian artwork by Angrygrizley.

Star Army Logistics
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Product Categoriesclothing, uniforms
Product NameStar Army Dress Pants, Type 35
ManufacturerKetsurui Zaibatsu
Price (KS)25.00 KS

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